November Income Report

Alright, alright, alriiiiiiight – we gon’ learn today! After I semi-reluctantly hit “publish” on my first income report back in September, I absolutely loved reading all of your comments and responses. I had no idea how it would really be taken, but I was hoping that there would be some useful tidbits in there to show that making money from your blog is a totally possible thing, even without a million pageviews a month.

I said it once but I’ll say it again: Income Reports are by no means bragging rights for anyone. Think of it as like the Glassdoor for us bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

I do what I do because I just really want something (really, anything!) here to inspire you and make a positive difference in your own life. So with an Income Report, that means spreading back the virtual curtain and passing along a few helpful tips and tricks to help you bring in more money month after month doing what you love.

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So here’s the scoop on November.


November Income Report: $1783.27 in one month, on Coming Up Roses



Clever Girls: $400

Blog Meets Brand: $500

Mode Media: $215.87

Other Sponsored: $400

Blog and Brand Consulting: $250

ShopStyle: $17.40

Total before Expenses: $1783.27



Sales Mastery Course: $497

Giveaway participation: $65


FINAL TOTAL: $1221.27


My biggest takeaways with making money this month:

  1. Know your worth. If you know you can create really valuable, kickass content for brands, that’s worth something. Oftentimes, that’s more valuable than a brand just pushing out their own content. From a brand perspective (since I’ve worked at a branding agency), having someone with actual influence talk about something they actually love builds this thing called brand equity. Brand equity is your bread and butter as a company, because it means you’ve got value and people want your products or services over others. If you can boost this for a company, no matter how big or small, because of your work through this little hub on the internet, you have WORTH! (And you need to be compensated fairly).
  2. It’s not all about pageviews. If you know how to make *smart* money, you can make just as much with 10,000 pageviews a month as someone with 150,000. Trust. I’ve been there done that, and I know you can do it, too. So long as you’re good at your craft, you really really can. Don’t ever be intimidated by others’ huge pageviews! High pageviews does not always equal high quality or high engagement or high value. Remember that.
  3. Consider the amount of requests you get for sponsored posts. Sometimes, my rate changes not based on pageviews changing, but based on emails increasing from folks wanting me to represent their brands. So long as the requests you’re getting aren’t spammy or sleazy, they’re valid testaments to your influence! Folks are finding you and seeing value; that means you’ve gotta get value back. (Just make sure you’re putting in full effort to really maximize the value you’re putting out, too!).
  4. Affiliate links don’t pay the rent. I know some folks who make hundreds of bucks a month from ’em, but I just haven’t dove in yet. Oftentimes, I see people berating affiliate links as being ingenuine means to make petty cash. Unless you actually purchase something through someone’s affiliate link, there’s little to no commission. If a blogger just posts list after list of “favorite products” and “wishlists” with RewardStyle links, they might be making a prettier penny. But for anyone just linking up a few products where applicable, it’s not the most substantial way to make an income. (Read: my measly 17 bucks).
  5. Taking off work doesn’t mean you need to be taking off money-making. I took off the whole week of Thanksgiving to really try and unplug (I tried!). Thanksgiving is all about family for me, and the last thing I wanted to do was constantly be on my laptop instead of focusing on the amazing people around me. So, I shut it down and just the bare necessities instead of fully focusing on blogging. I was still able to make a comparable amount for the month with three less posts, while making sure my family came first. #priorities

You guys know I only keep it real around these rosy parts – do you like getting the curtain drawn back like this? Is it helpful? I sure as heck hope so. Get on this list if you want to start getting regular (free!) tips and tricks for building a brand and using smart strategies to start making more money doing what you love. I want to help you do something awesome with your life. But only sign up on the list if you’ve got real(ly big) dreams, real drive, and a real-person budget. Because we keep it real, and worthwhile.

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