Trend to Try: Palm Print

HUMP DAAAAY – WOO WOO! Is it just me, or this week actually flying by? Anytime my week starts off not in office, I think it makes everything else speed up – ha! 

Let’s talk a trend to try!

Palm print

If you’ve been shopping (especially online shopping) at ALL this spring/summer, chances are, you’ve gotten the hint: palm print is IN. It’s everywhere! Whether or not you’ve got beach access, you’ve got an all-access-pass to the palm trees. 😉 I’m about to grab a coconut cup and call it a weekend, cos I’m feelin’ ALL the tropical feels today! 

They say trends are cyclical – quite frankly, I’m not too on top of runway trends typically. I’m much more of a wear-whatever-the-heck-makes-ya-feel-amazing kinda gal. But this trend has its perks – it’s in every summer! At least, it FITS in every summer, so whether or not it’s all the rage in retailers is basically beside the point. When you’re channeling the sunshine, laying out with a book, boardwalk fries and sand everywhere but the beach, throw on something palm-y and call it a beach day. (BRB heading to Mexico now kaybye…)

Psssssst: You can shop everything I’m wearing + talking about, + palm print errrrr’thaaang at the end of the post! 

Palm print dress - How to rock Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print Palm print dress - How to rock Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

Palm print dress (It’s UNDER $25!!! Also on sale here for under $33 for one day only!! Ah! I can’t recommend this dress enough, y’all. It fits like a dream and is just so dang FUN. Runs TTS and zips up in the back!) // Espadrille wedges (These are an under-$60 dupe for $160 and $600 versions – they’re fabulous! Also come in taupe, black, and newly added rose gold!) // More palm print here!

How to rock it:

  • On whatever ya like! A print trend is pretty much the best kinda trend out there, cos you’re not just limited to one specific piece of clothing (bless). Half the reason (OK, the whole reason) I and everyone’s mom knew this print was a thing this season is cos it’s on EVERYTHING. Dresses and tops, pants, pillows, swimsuits, bags, pajamas, phone cases, makeup cases, rugs – you name it, there’s a palm print on it. So, don’t feel limited. This is a trend to try on just about everything!
  • So…don’t feel limited to clothes. If the trend is a bit too bold and/or intimidating for ya, no worries – dip yo’ toes into it in something like PJ’s or a travel accessory to feel trendy without being full-blown runway.
  • With limited accessories. If your palm print is on clothing, chances are, it’s pretty bold in and of itself! Too many accessories added to the look could get a bit outta hand pretty quickly. Stick with your palm print piece as the statement, and limit accessorizing to more a more neutral palette (think nudes, gold, etc!)
  • With a LOTTA accessories. If your palm print IS on accessories, feel free to rock a few palm print-laden accessories to actually MAKE more of a statement with it. It’s all about the balancing act! One main palm print = less smaller ones (so, main on your clothing = less elsewhere), and vice versa!

Palm print dress - How to rock Palm Print

How to shop it:

  • By print size. The bigger the palm print, the more of a statement since it’s obvi a bit more bold! If you’re not going for “everything’s better when bigger,” skip the bolder size and opt for a tinier palm print. It’ll be a bit more subtle and less BAM.
  • Decide whether you WANT it to be a statement piece or not. We discussed a hot sec ago about the balancing act when it comes to wearing a palm print. It really comes down to deciding what statement to make. For something like home decor, something palm-y really works when it’s there to pop. We added a few palm print pillows, for example, in our basement to accentuate the fiesta-vibe we’ve got goin’ on. Since there’s not a lotta natural light down there, we’re aiming to brighten things up with the decor; a few palm print pieces and bold colors in our souvenirs from our honeymoon help do the trick.
  • Think ahead of time how you’ll style it personally. A bold, trendy print isn’t necessarily something “easy” in many peep’s eyes – but it could be! Especially with our accessorizing “rules,” you’re actually pretty flexible in just throwing on a big palm print dress + easy sandals and calling it a done deal. Try to envision the entire look when you’re shopping for your palmier pieces to make sure you’ve got the right neutral shoes to pair with it, or the right shade to balance it out on top or bottom.
  • Know palm print versus palm tree. This is probably super obvi, but there are different variations of the trendy print! Some versions, like my dress here, are more of a closed leaf. Others have a more open, feathery leaf, while others still feature an entire palm tree. So take that into account while shopping in case you’ve got a preference!

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to rock Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

Palm print dress - How to wear and shop for Palm Print

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How do you feel about the palm print trend?

Would you try it? Do you lovelovelove it? Sound off in the comments below! And if you’ve found any must-have palm print pieces already this season that I haven’t rounded up below, drop those down below, too, wouldja? I’m about to shop #AllTheThings…

P.S. If you’re in the vacay mood like I (always) am, here are a few solid ways to save money on vacation + beforehand so you can *finally* go on that luxurious stay of yo’ dreams!

P.P.S. Don’t miss the two giveaways in this post – you could win $500 to Target and a Gucci Marmont Bag…

Happy HUMP, yo. Hope you’re soaking up some sunshine (preferably under a palm tree) wherever you’re at!

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