A Feel Good Playlist for your Quarantine

Alright alright alriiiiiiight, y’all. We’re in full Quarantine mode over here. In the spirit of keepin’ things light and as calm/happy/quarantined as possible, I’ve gotchu girlfriend. Today’s post is super short n’ sweet (a nice reprieve – ha!). I changed up my entire content calendar for this week for y’all with everything going down to ensure that I can be as helpful as possible, even if that’s just in helping you maintain sanity + find joy amidst the quarantine scaries. Yesterday we talked all about being your most productive self while working from home for any of you babes now confined to an at-home office life for the foreseeable future (welcome to the club!). We’ve got more social distancing ideas coming up in the pipeline, as well as some of my favorite cozy wear for your quarantine closet and other fun stuff – but up today, your new Quarantine playlist.

One of my special skills in life – truly, one of my MOST special skills – is making playlists. I swear to you I can make a playlist for anything, and I should probably moonlight as a DJ because ya girl’s got jams. 😉 I’ve got playlists for anything + everything, from road tripping or worship songs, to a relaxed work day, to guilty pleasures that you totally know all the words to but still pretend you’ve been so over since 2008. 😉

Introducing, QUARANTINED.

Your ultimate Quarantine feel-good playlist to get through all of this lockdown business in a safe, socially distanced kinda way. 😉 Well…at least 2 and a half hours worth of it. So, time to clean the bathrooms and organize the junk drawers – let’s get Quarantined.

QUARANTINE PLAYLIST - A playlist to listen to on lockdown, on Coming Up Roses

My Quarantine playlist is a bit ironic; it starts out with some more referencial, timely jams before transitioning to more feel-good, inspired songs to get you uplifted and in a bit of a better mood. Because I’m sure we’ve all been feeling the FEELS this past week, being really anxious and worried and stressed on lockdown. Quarantine is a scary word – and music’s got a way of making scary things feel a bit more okay. Right? Right. Fair warning, you might have this on repeat…

Feel free to follow along with my Quarantine playlist and/or share with a friend – we’re all in this together.

What’s on your Quarantine agenda?

Do you have any favorite songs, shows, or activities that are getting you through? Hang in there, friends – this too shall pass.