From Teens to Twenties: Room Decor

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Room Decor for twenty-somethings

We’re all going to hit the peak in life. One day – if you haven’t already hit it – you’re going to graduate college and leave dorm life behind forever. You might move in with a significant other. Maybe you’ll shack up with your best friend(s), or you’ll need to make a tiny studio apartment feel like home. Whatever your scenario, it can become obnoxiously a tad bit complicated to constantly match your interior decor to your evolving personality and lifestyle. “A tad bit complicated” meaning ridiculously expensive, time-consuming, and nearly impossible.

But we don’t like the word “impossible” around here, and we *do* like money-saving savviness in life and beyond.

It can be costly to re-do your whole space when times change, so I’ve teamed up with Pottery Barn to bring you a few pieces that I’m absolutely loving for those transitional periods in between. I’m currently a senior in college and an RA for freshmen; right off the bat, I’m older (and hopefully wiser, but that’s debatable) than all of the kids surrounding my room, but I want and need my dorm room to be approachable, fun, and interesting for my freshmen.

Then there’s the fact that I’m engaged. I’m getting married a few months after I graduate college, and the process of moving all of my crap stuff into the fiance’s place has already begun. Trust me – it’ll take awhile on this one.

So it feels like I’m walking this fine line between kid life and adult life. Feeling like a relatively laidback (but totally not laidback) college student, and then feeling like a responsibility-laden wife…it’s kinda crazy to think about. While I want my living quarters to always be a reflection of my dynamic life and personality, I can’t necessarily afford for it to do so. And for your reference, “can’t necessarily afford” means “see you at the next thrift shop, this gal’s on a budget.”

Luckily, the tightrope can be balanced upon with a few decor pieces that help transcend various life stages, making for easier transitions (and moves!) down the road. No whole overhaul required!

I’ve picked out ten Pottery Barn products that I’m envisioning in my future space; I think they’ll go nicely from in my dorm room to in my home office, bathroom, or shared living room space with J. Scroll through the shoppable images of these goodies here:


So, let’s chat.

  1. Loving a gold-trimmed corkboard to dually add a pop of color and some functionality to otherwise empty wall space. Plus, no nails required!
  2. This ivory furry chair. Am I the only sucker here for big furry chairs that just envelope you when you’re down for reading or hanging out? I love that this is cozy and inviting for my residents (which means extra games of Cards Against Humanity and nice long bonding sessions), but it’ll look great positioned in the corner of my someday office and will be cute for sitting and filming those YouTube videos.3.)
  3. These gold dot desk organizers are the Type A gal’s lifeblood. Keeping everything all neat and tidy in a matchy matchy fashion. But I’m loving the idea of mixing and matching prints, so I’m grabbing some of the turquoise counterparts to accompany the white with gold dots.
  4. Moscow Mule mugs. Not at all appropriate to be bringing out for the residents, but 100% acceptable for girls’ nights in and dates with the fiancé. What’s a Moscow Mule, you ask? Vodka, ginger beer, and a splash of lime in a copper mug. Voila.
  5. A 9-compartment beauty organizer that matches the rest of my desk decor? Sign me up. The various sized compartments make for easy grabbing when you’re getting ready on the fly, and it’ll help pull your room together if you’ve got makeup and homework on different tabletops.
  6. Hanging closet organizers are clutch when you’ve got a ton of stuff and want need to maximize space. Color code your organizers to know in exactly which bin your sweaters, tees, and yoga pants live. Closet organization starts at $14 and ships f-r-e-e. #yesplease
  7. Hydrocotton bath towels. Sure, bright purple towels might work for college. But I know I’m going to be stocking up on whites when I’m sharing a bathroom with J, because somehow I sense that a purple-themed room might not be his style…
  8. Hanging shoe storage. Because ain’t nobody gonna get rid of shoes, so might as well squeeze ’em all in there with style. The higher the heels (and the more shoes), the closer to God.
  9. These dotted beauty bag sets are great for separating out products and traveling with ease. My favorite part? You can get them monogrammed (hello, new initials in a year!), and they’re subtle enough to whip out in any occasion.
  10. And then there’s these sheets, because they’re kindof an essential.

How did you transition from your college space to bachelorette pad to shared space? What tips and products would you share with those doing it now?

Leave a comment below with your favorite piece from Pottery Barn that you’d want in your life this very second.

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