My 10 Top Tula Products of All Time

Today’s post on top Tula products is a HOT TOPIC and one that’s been a reader request for years at this point – and I totally get why! If you follow any blogger on the internet, chances are, you might’ve heard of a brand called Tula. 

While I personally HATE when content creators start something with “This isn’t sponsored!” (because it makes it seem like it’s somehow a more genuine review that way…but sponsored or not, I only share my 100% authentic thoughts and true opinion on something and simply won’t accept a brand partnership if I can’t or wouldn’t say the exact same thing without a paycheck behind it. So while that may not be the case for every “influencer,” know that’s why I intentionally don’t say those words)…this is not sponsored. Ha. 

Obviously I mention Tula quite a bit, but hopefully by now you know it’s for good reason; they’ve been one of if not my overall favorite skincare brand for YEARS. I distinctly remember one of my first times visiting the brand’s NYC headquarters while they were still a tiny skincare start-up sharing an office space with a bunch of nerdy tech start-up guys. They had maybe five products on their roster and a team of maybe ten people. Now, largely thanks to influencer marketing, killer branding and a really, really great product line, they’ve blown the heck UP. So it’s been fun to follow their success while getting to test out new Tula products as they launch. 🙂

At this point, all Tula products are pregnancy-safe (they re-formulated last year to make that happen! Yay!), and are formulated withOUT parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, and gluten. At their “core” is probiotics to help your skin achieve overall balance – the word “tula” literally means “balance” in sanskrit.

Of course, Tula skincare might not be for everyone – the same way that NOTHING is for everyone. It’s totally A-OK. My job here is to share what works best for me in the hopes that it might work well for you, too. Tula products have truly done wonders for me, and there are WAY more in the lineup that I lovelovelove versus not, so it makes sense to share a Top Ten Tula Products of all time kinda list like this since it was legitimately hard to narrow it down to only ten. I’m so big on skin, so it’s a big deal for me to have found one brand that does so dang much for my complexion. Granted, everyone’s face is different, so what works best for me might not work best for you – and that’s okay. It’s always about knowing what you’re putting on your skin, reading ingredient labels, and knowing thyself to know what ingredients are going to have the most impact for YOU at the end of the day.

I’ve come to learn that my skin reaaaaally loveloveloves glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and probiotics, for example. It does not react all that well to tea tree oil. So while I lovelovelove so many Tula products, I’ve never been huge on their acne products, because many are largely concentrated with tea tree oil and just don’t work as well for me as spot treatments that are salicylic acid-based.

OK off the soapbox…onto my 10 top Tula products of all time. Drumroll please…

My 10 TOP TULA PRODUCTS of All Time  - on Coming Up Roses

To note before we start, I do have a Tula discount code that I’ve had for YEARS since I’ve been using + loveloveloving the brand that long – so feel free to drop code COMINGUPROSES at checkout for 15% off whatever ya want!



This is Tula’s cult-classic, bestselling cleanser that I’ve loveloveloved for YEARS – probably on the list of most girls’ top Tula products! It comes down to $23.80 with code COMINGUPROSES, which at first glance, might seem like a pretty penny for face wash. But HOLD UP – one tube lasts me, like, a year and then some. I kid you not. A little bit goes a long way, and this baby lasts – and I’ve had quite a few of you reach out to say the same! So you absolutely get your money’s worth, and at the end of the day, it probably breaks down to be LESS expensive than some drugstore cleansers with how much product you end up getting in the tube.



Specifically, the PINK STICK. More here on the three Tula eye balms and a side-by-side comparison of each. But my personal favorite is the pink! It’s better for warmer undertones (so since I tend to pull more red on my skin, that’s obviously warmer, whereas if you’re paler with more bluish undertones the original blue stick may be better for you!). This one is also my fave because it’s got rosehip oil + rosewater inside, which act as natural plant-based retinol alternatives to act as anti-aging agents! AND they’re hydrating, too, so you’ve got added hydration AND anti-aging action happening here.



Tula’s bestselling moisturizer has been a staple of mine for YEARS, too. It’s not too heavy nor is it greasy, which I lovelovelove for my combination skin that pulls more oily than dry. I’ve heard from girlfriends with drier skin that it works just as well for them, too, so I think this is a surprisingly versatile moisturizer that just gets the job done. While I could use it either day or night no problem, I prefer nighttime since I most often use my Olay Whips with SPF 40 in the morning!



I still stand by my word that this is the best sugar scrub I’ve come across ever! Namely because you cannot overscrub with it, which is huge. The sugar granules literally melt away into your skin, so you get juuuuuust enough manual exfoliation without ending up red and inflammed after from a grainy rub down. HA. It’s also got probiotics + superfoods inside, and sugar, pineapple, + papaya that gently exfoliate excess oil, buildup, and debris WITHOUT stripping your skin (bless up). Bonus: your face will smell like a tropical vacation .



Another one that I still stand by my original word on from years ago – one of the BEST clay-based masks I’ve ever tried. And I’m not alone in my sentiment – it’s got a solid 5-star rating with nearly 500 reviews on the website. It’s one of my favorites because it’s not a mask that just sucks anything + everything, bad OR good, from your skin. It’s got bentonite and kaolin clay inside to draw out dirt, oil, etc and improve how your pores look, and it’s also got volcanic sand inside to buff + smooth.



This is their bestselling glycolic toner, and I lovelovelove it – another one of the top Tula products hands down. It’s NOT stripping, so while some other toners on the market might leave you feeling too-tight or like you just sucked all moisture off of your face and to kingdom come, this one won’t. Namely because it’s alcohol-free! It’s ALSO got one of my favorite ingredients, hyaluronic acid, inside to help hydrate simultaneously (so, again, NOT a stripping toner!) and blueberry and snow mushroom to help provide antioxidant protection. 



This is the most potent cream in the lineup, with probiotics, AHA’s, AND Vitamin C to simultaneously target signs of premature aging, smooth the appearance of wrinkles, and improve your tone + texture all while you sleep (bless up). A great one to use every single night as a powerful, multi-purposed moisturizer.



Face Filter is something I’ve shared often since its debut. It’s an absolute ride or die in my skincare/makeup collection – and I say “skincare/makeup” since it’s basically both! I think Face Filter is among the top Tula products of all for many girls for the same reason – it makes a “no-makeup makeup” look so easy and effortless. It’s essentially a hydrating, lightweight makeup primer that serves to even out your skin tone and lessen any redness, providing a “filter” like finish. But, I especially lovelovelove it since it gives your skin a tinted glow; there are probiotics and superfoods (licorice + chia seed) inside to help balance + nourish your skin, so it’s a great skincare product for no-makeup days that still gives your face a fresh glow and pickmeup. It’s a buildable formula with these special skin-blurring “glow particles” inside, and the formula won’t clog your pores.

AND, I say get the supersized because it’s double the product, double the glow, but basically quadruple the value. The original size is $34 – the Supersized is double the product but NOT double the price. You can get the Supersized for $54, and then an additional 15% off with my code (COMINGUPROSES), which brings it down to $45.90. So, just over 10 bucks more for literally DOUBLE THE PRODUCT. A no brainer!!!



These are one of the latest launches and already one of the top Tula products of all time in my book – and others, too, because they’re on the Bestseller list already! These little pads have been such a pleasant surprise to me. They’re little biodegradable toner pads with probioics and prebiotics on them, that were designed to help lift any impurities off of your skin, tighten your pores, and balance your skin’s natural pH after clceansing. There’s witch hazel inside, as well as lactic acid + PHA, all to help purify without stripping like many toners do. It’s an alcohol-free formula. And, there’s wild mint leaf in it which smells AMAZING – these truly smell like a spa day! I’m super impressed; one tub has 60 pads, so two month’s worth of toner for $36 (but get 15% off that with my code!).



Tula’s pre-packaged kits are great ways to save money on products that you already know + lovelovelove. There’s always a discount tacked onto each bundle, so there are value savings that you wouldn’t get in buying the same products individually versus grouped together. Everything from a bundle of 5 of the top Tula products of all time, to something concern-specific like this one for acne-fighting favorites. Great savings, AND my code will get an additional 15% off on top of that, so really the best deals for stocking up or in trying a line at once!

Are you fan of Tula skincare? What are your own top Tula products if so?

Would lovelovelove to know, as well as your skin type to know what works best for you!