Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for Kids (an Easy Formula to Follow!)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, everyone’s got love(lovelove) on the brain. 😉 I think I’m a bigger fan of the holiday now having kids, because there’s just something about celebrating your favorite people that gives you the warm fuzzy feels. No pressure, no expectations – just an outpouring of happiness to say I FREAKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you know? I put together a little goody basket for the OG that I know she’ll be all about. In doing so, figured I’d share my easy little “formula” for making a Valentine’s Day gift basket for kids that checks all the boxes and hits all the bases without going crazy (I think 😉 ).

VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT BASKET for KIDS - an easy formula I Follow! - on Coming Up Roses

The easiest Valentine’s Day gift basket (or really, a kids’ gift basket for ANY gifting holiday!) is a 4-part formula: something to read, wear, play, & eat! It feels balanced and simple with a little variety and something for every kiddo to especially enjoy.

I picked up this cute little bin at Target, put down some tissue paper, and just stacked everything inside – it lays it all out so she can easily see it come Valentine’s Day morning, which I figure will be fun.

Something to read…

There are SO MANY cute kids’ books for the holidays – and Valentine’s Day especially feels like the *perfect* time to remind your babes how much you love them! Click any image below to see + shop it. 🙂

Something to wear…

You KNOW Olivia Grace is *all about* a good dress – the sparklier and twirlier the better. She picked out a pink tulle number with red hearts – oh, I don’t know – two MONTHS ago on a Walmart run with me? And she’s been counting down the days to February since. 😉

Something to play…

This kids’ gift basket formula is especially helpful, I’ve found, for avoiding the worry of loading up on more toys that they really don’t need. The basket can very much feel “full” and be so special without buying out the Target toy aisle! Grabbing one toy or game to enjoy – bonus points if it’s collaborative or interactive for more family fun! – is an easy win.

Something to eat…

For a real treat, get these. Fair warning, they’re addicting to ALL. 😉 But for something not coated in sugar, I lovelovelove the idea of making homemade heart-shaped waffles together on Valentine’s day morning!


ALSO, while I was making the cute little name tag for Liv’s basket, I figured why not share the love(lovelove) and make a few downloadable/printable templates for you to use on your own kiddos!

If you drop your email address in right here, you’ll get a document sent straight to your inbox with the downloadable file – it’s got four different template options to print (where you can input your own kiddo’s name, obviously!). I recommend printing on a piece of cardstock for a firmer, sturdier tag, and then using a paper hole punch + binder rings or string to tie to your gift basket!

VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT BASKET for KIDS - an easy formula I Follow! - on Coming Up Roses


Will you make a Valentine’s Day gift basket for your kids?

Any ideas you especially lovelovelove that I don’t have in mine (yet)?