Valentine’s Day Hair Two Ways

It’s almost here! I was never one to make a big to-do about V-day (although J would probably disagree). Why? Because I never had a date, and lesbehonest eating a whole tub of ice cream by myself isn’t limited to February 14th. Heck, I eat a tub by myself still while sitting NEXT to my fiancé. So there’s that.

But since I’m on the ‘Tube now too, I’m taking my #basic hair talents to the small screen and showing you two fun and simple ways to get a romantic hairstyle for tomorrow (or whenever).



First, wash your hair. Might seem like a no-brainer, but since I’m able to go 3-4 days between washes now, I figured it couldn’t hurt to pass along the tip. After I wash with my current shampoo/conditioning duo obsession (which I talk about here), I try to limit my heat styling by letting my hair air-dry before sleeping with it in a loose-ish side braid.

After I undo my braid, I’m ready for…

‘Do Numero Uno

Step 1: Shake out your slept-in curls. Spritz on some heat protectant (I like this one), and add some loose, quick curls with a wand to add volume while keeping things looking au naturale (Spoiler alert: it’s not!).

Step 2: Spray security onto your locks. Bonus points if it’s also a thermal protectant like mine.

‘Do Numero Dos

Step 1: Begin by twisting two pieces of hair at the front of head where your part starts. Once you’ve twisted 2-3 times, start adding a small section of hair to each of the two pieces in an alternating fashion, getting you on French twist status. Simultaneously indulging in macarons is optional, but encouraged.

Step 2: While holding your newly created twist, gather your hair on the side of your head and secure with a ponytail holder. Now it’s time to zhuzz/juzz/jougge/zzhuzz however the heck you spell the word I say there. I didn’t make it up I swear.

And VOILA! You’re good to go for tomorrow and beyond. Please feel free (really, feel more than free) to subscribe to my channel so you can be one of the first to see new videos as they come! And most importantly, be sure to leave a comment here/on the ‘Tube letting me know what you think of each hairstyle, if you try any yourself, whether or not you like the video (by giving it a thumbs up!), and what you’re hoping to see soon.

May your weekend be long and your Monday be short.