Walmart Fashion Haul for Spring (All Under $50!!!)

This haul was a long time a-comin’! Walmart fashion has been hothotHOT with so many new line launches (like ) and product drops lately, so I had some fun hauling some goodies to my doorstep to review for the season ahead. 🙂 I’ve said it before, but Walmart fashion has seriously upped its game since my days of shopping the clearance racks in middle/high school – now it’s like this hot commodity that sells out fast, so it’s good to see affordable gems stealing the spotlight. My finds (+ thoughts) below – happy spring shopping! 


– $26

This is my favorite top in a looooong time. I just feel so PRETTY in it. It’s silky soft, suuuper flattering via the cinched waist, cinched sleeve, slight puffed shoulder and clasped neckline. And the caramel color is a gorgeous not-neutral neutral! 

Perfect for work (great for my teachers, for the office, OR for working from home!), but also pretty for date night. Absolutely lovelovelove it – I can’t wait to wear it again already! Wearing size Small.

– $19

WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - Time and Tru Dress on Coming Up Roses

Another favorite right here – the striped shirt dress I’ve already worn more than once (cue “Lizzie McGuire, you are an OUTFIT REPEATER!!!”). It’s so breezy + comfy while being absurdly cute. The neckline is flattering, the sleeves come rolled (but can be undone), and you can drawstring the waist for the perfect fit. It’s also got a slight high-low hemline at the bottom. 

Another one that works for work or play! And for not even 20 bucks, I can’t get over it. Wearing size Small!

– $9.96

I was SO pleasantly surprised when I pulled this Time and Tru t-shirt dress from the bag! It’s a super soft, stretchy material that feels really high quality – not scratchy or cheap in the slightest. 

And for under $10…I’m so impressed. Wearing size Small.

– $9.00

WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - Beatles tee on Coming Up Roses

For my fellow Beatles babes, this tee is a stretchy, soft find. And on further sale right now for not even 10 bucks! 

I sized up one to be able to comfortably knot it at the bottom – wearing size Medium.


WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - Beatles tee + distressed boyfriend jeans on Coming Up Roses WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - Beatles tee + distressed boyfriend jeans on Coming Up Roses

This one is actually from the Men’s section! Wearing a size Small.

– $27.50

They’re mid-rise, which I was originally skeptical about, but the fit is great. Really comfortable boyfriend jeans that don’t feel baggy or too roomy. Will definitely lovelovelove wearing these in the transition to spring!


WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - All under $50! - striped dress outfit with louis vuitton dupe bag

You know I lovelovelove my a good dupe – and this bag is a freaking good dupe. It’s not even 50 bucks, when the real deal LV is over $2,000. Great coated exterior that wipes down easily, great inner pockets on the side to stash your phone, lippy, etc, and comes with a crossbody strap that you can add on for extra convenience. FABULOUS look for less – snaps for Walmart fashion!!!

(P.S. Here are more blogged Louis Vuitton Damier Bags dupes!)


Talk about making a statement! This vibrant dress is a head-turner and feels so fun. Definitely something you can wear from work to brunch to church – even works as a bright Easter option! Wearing size small.


WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - All under $50! - faux leather leggings

I bought these to compare to the famous Spanx faux leather leggings (my favorite!). Right off the bat…they are not a dupe. They look + feel like they have a plastic-y coating on them, which is definitely NOT how the Spanx are. I was, however, surprised at how warm they are; they seem to be fleece-lined, so they’re good for staying warm in fall or winter, for sure. I will say the waistband isn’t fleece-lined and is just that plastic-y pleather, which I don’t love, because it feels like I’ll sweat in it – it’s not the most breathable fabric.

But for $30 versus $98, if you JUST want a leather legging look for less, might be worth a shot.

BLAZER – $40.00

 WALMART FASHION HAUL FOR SPRING - All under $50! - white blazer outfit idea

Oh, how I WISH the Walmart fashion lineup included blazers like this back in my college day – I would’ve bought out the line! Ha! Truly a great business casual piece that comes in a few colors for any statement. It’s a nice longline options with a slightly oversized fit, so consider pairing over like I did, here, for the most flattering combination!


Black Chanel bag dupe from Walmart - on Coming Up Roses

How beautiful is this bag?! If you want the Chanel look without spending $10,000 on a bag, this beauty is on sale for under $20!!! It feels well made and is roomy inside.



What a fun piece for spring/summer! I lovelovelove the mini ruffle + puffed sleeves for something different. I would size up one for length if you’re on the taller side and/or have longer legs like me – I’m wearing a Small here but will be exchanging for a Medium since it’s a BIT too short for my liking here – ha!



Did I buy this after binging Bridgerton for the 4th time? You be the judge. 😉 Definitely a bit out of my style comfort zone usually, but I think I dig it, especially paired with skinnier pants. 



OK I’m so into this pretty skirt!!! It was a toss up in my cart, but I’m glad I pulled the trigger; the asymmetrical hem is flattering, the ruffles are fun, and the floral print is perfect for spring.


Walmart fashion has some good basics in the Time and Tru line especially; I have a few of the basic white + basic black v-necks and they get great wear in my wardrobe. (I’m wearing one above with the floral skirt!)


VIRAL TIKTOK MASCARA - maybelline sky high on Coming Up Roses VIRAL TIKTOK MASCARA - maybelline sky high on Coming Up Roses

THE famous drugstore mascara that went viral on TikTok – ha! So here’s the deal…it’s not my favorite. Is it good? Yes. A great drugstore mascara? Yes. But is it my favorite? No. It tends to clump my lashes together, which I don’t love. I prefer this one that’s half the price.


Cute little beaded bracelet trio with a little affirmation – you know I’m here for it!

What’s your favorite thing from this Walmart fashion haul?