Cheers to the freaking weekend! Christmas is less than two weeks away…I can’t believe it. I think we’ve got gingerbread house making on the agenda today, and a Christmas movie tonight. Any recommendations? Enjoy this weekend reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 101 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 37 easy stress-baking recipes with 5 ingredients or less (bless up)
  2. Great room-by-room guide for happy houseplants 
  3. We’ve talked a LOT about Billie on Instastories this week – the starter kit is only $9 and it’s the best!
  4. How to get rid of blackheads *correctly*
  5. My friend Rachel recommend baking this strawberry bundt cake with lemon glaze – YUM!
  6. My fun, festive Steve Maddens are currently 43% off!!!!
  7. Here’s the exact script one girl used to up her salary by $10,000 (go her!)
  8. SO HELPFUL: how to make produce last longer!
  9. Lots of Tarte gifts are 5-star rated and ship free!
  10. “Staying well and finding hope at home”beautifully written piece (& so real!)
  11. So appreciate Julia’s honesty in sharing fears about baby #2
  12. Our FAVORITE bra is still on sale – some styles for $35, others are BOGO 50%!
  13. OMG Jupiter and Saturn are aligning – where my fellow space girls at?!
  14. Helpful things to do when you have anxiety
  15. My Peace on Earth sweatshirt is a great terry material – and only $32 from a small shop!

Happy weekend reading!