Today we’re heading to visit some of our best friends who haven’t seen in person since before the pandemic started last March, so it’s been a HOT SEC – and they had a baby since then who we absolutely cannot wait to love on! Then we’ll be surprising my dad later tonight for his birthday, which is always exciting. Hoping for some warmer, less-windy weather than what we’ve gotten around here last week – it’s been CHILLLLLLY. Let’s dive into some fun weekend reading, shall we?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 106 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Making this vodka sawce next week – it’s apparently the best ever
  2. Productivity guilt is a real thing. I feel seen.
  3. “Today is a fresh start” – cutest new mug from the cutest new small shop!
  4. Interesting connection between anxiety + alcohol
  5. Imposter Syndrome: What it is and how to beat it
  6. Grab a full bag of Verb’s new COOKIE BUTTER energy bars for $10 instead of $25 here!!
  7. Take this list and check it twice – the order to apply your skincare and makeup, start to finish!
  8. How to become more confident in your cooking (I need this!)
  9. Equilibria’s Indulgence Collection JUST launched – peach gelee, mint chocolate truffle, & strawberry shortcake CBD oil!!!! (15% off with code ericaligenza)
  10. Got a resolution? There’s a book for that!
  11. Here’s a dairy-free, moist chocolate zucchini cake recipe!
  12. Feeling inspired to learn how to do hospital corners on the bed…wish me luck.
  13. In case ya need a new snack to crave: dill pickle cashews. Thank me later. đŸ˜‰
  14. Hot tips straight from Bridgerton’s makeup artist – like how to get Daphne’s glow!
  15. Here’s the 18-pack of Amazon headbands that I lovelovelove (NO head pain!) – only $20, so it comes to around $1/piece!

Happy weekend reading!

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