Welcome, weekend! We’ve got a whole lotta NOTHING on the calendar, and I’m here for it. We haven’t had a totally open weekend in a loooong time, so I can’t wait. I think we’ll do some organizing in the basement and have a family movie night! AND ALSO, I’ll be doing a fun Amazon livestream, so make sure you’re following along on Amazon to not miss it (you’ll get a notification when I go live so you can tune in if you’re free!). Now onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 116 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. My fave college professor has some GREAT recommendations for books to refresh your brain!
  2. Trying brusselsprouts in the air fryer this weekend – they sound SO YUM.
  3. Colleen Rothschild just launched SPF!!! Get $25 off $100+ with code SPF!
  4. This version of Creep has been stuck in my head all week…(so good)
  5. Bookmarking the best AirBnBs in the UK – so much wanderlust!
  6. If you want the Gucci look-for-less, I just got these sandals – lovelovelove! Under $80 versus $500!
  7. LOL @ this ad for a “demonic chihuahua” – at least they’re honest? HAHA
  8. Are you a carrot cake girl? (I am!)
  9. Are you back on the claw clip trend??? (I am!) 
  10. According to science, anticipating a good time is half the fun!
  11. My BFF is a Trello whiz – if you’re a business owner, check her out!!!
  12. In my cart: this comfy off-shoulder jumpsuit! (it’s under $40!)
  13. 7 tips for spring cleaning your houseplants
  14. 10 easy hacks to be a little happier
  15. I found the Nerd gummy cluster packs!!!! (Bought 5 hahaha)

Happy weekend reading!

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