HAPPY WEEKEND, folks! This is our last free Saturday for a hot sec – so I think we have approximately zero plans, and I am very much okay with that. 🙂 The goal is lots of fresh fall air, some cleaning + loads of laundry, and a run to a local pumpkin patch to pick up some fixins for the front porch. All in all…super lowkey. Anything exciting/relaxing on your weekend agenda? Onto some weekend reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 137 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Do you believe in soulmates?
  2. Such a pretty floral arrangement + helpful DIY video how-to!
  3. Heart eyes for this corduroy shacket – it’s in my Amazon cart!
  4. OMG I had no clue this Princess Diaries moment was unscripted!!!
  5. 10 ways to stop comparing yourself to others + love who you are
  6. Some *gorgeous* Vera Bradley pieces are on Zulily this weekend only up to 65% off!!!
  7. The healing power of play (+ how to do it, in case you’ve forgotten)
  8. Love Julia’s honest thoughts on going from one kid to two
  9. Am actually SHOOKETH that these cozy hiking boots are not even $30?!?!
  10. 10 must-see spots at Harry Potter World
  11. Shelbi’s New England road trip itinerary has me reading for some fall foliage…
  12. The most requested link from my DMs this week: our fire pit! (Amazon!)
  13. 5 reading hacks to make you actually read more
  14. Kat’s travel app sounds AMAZING – I’m downloading!
  15. If your coffee mug collections needs a facelift for fall

Happy weekend reading!