Happy WEEKEND! It’s the last before Thanksgiving – are you ready? What are your plans? We’re hosting and V STOKED since our whole household missed out on last Thanksgiving thanks to Covid – womp. Luckily, this year is looking up and I’ve got a feeling we’ll be stuffed all week long. 🙂 I’ve got a Galsgiving/White Elephant on the calendar Saturday, and we’ve got a football game on Sunday – go Birds! Now, onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 116 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Have you ever had chaffles?
  2. OBSESSED with Kathleen’s updated home office
  3. Have been loveloveLOVING this glowy bundle duo – and it’s 30% off right now!!!
  4. Absolutely most positively totally have to see this Broadway revival
  5. 10 new soups to try this soup season
  6. J was *so impressed* with ; his direct quote was, “Wait, this is seriously from Walmart?!”
  7. OMG Lindsay Lohan is hitting the screen again for this Netflix Christmas movie
  8. I just blogged our fave orange cranberry sauce recipe – I have to try this version next!
  9. Awesome idea: Holiday affirmations!
  10. 40% off and suddenly feels like a “need” versus a “want” 😉
  11. Sesame Street just made history with the first Asian American muppet!
  12. “Timing is everything”
  13. V into the whole gnome thing and is the CUTEST
  14. Making this pepper jack green bean casserole for Thanksgiving this week!
  15. Last chance to take advantage of with code COMINGUPROSES!

Happy weekend reading!