Welcome to the weekend! We’ve got another lower-key one on the books, for which I’m grateful. We DO have a date night downtown to see Oklahoma – such a sweet musical in my memory since it was the first musical production I was ever in myself in high school. (Ayo Ado Annie!) Beyond that, planning on purging EVEN MORE for the closet sale – for my local girls, grab your ticket and see you there!!!!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 155 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. A Ukrainian girl singing “Let it Go” in the bunker…tears.
  2. 15 thrillers to stream this weekend
  3. is on sale for $10…I am SHOOK. 
  4. Did you know these fun facts from BTS of Pretty Little Liars??
  5. For healthy brunch: strawberry baked oatmeal
  6. Grabbing for spring! (40% off with code STOCKUP)
  7. This high schooler handpainted her prom dress – WOW.
  8. 6 life-changing mental health lessons from Kallie…SUCH goodness
  9. Just re-stocked on the best ever fast stain remover – a MUST
  10. OK OK…so like…is this a real UFO?!?
  11. Adding Haley’s Rome recs to my bucket list…
  12. If you’ve got a Disney trip coming up..
  13. USE THE FANCY CHINA (lovelovelove this!)
  14. YUM: espresso cookies with sea salt (drooling)
  15. V into the smocked trend – how cute is ?!

Happy weekend reading!