Happy WEEKEND. How’s yours? Our weekend is mostly at the hospital, with a few downtown date night activities snuck in for good measure (+ for sanity). We’ve been needing to be as intentional as possible about our schedule, just for our own mental health – especially with Christmas right around the corner. There are so many fun, festive things happening right about now, so I’m stoked to share a few recommendations with y’all soon! Until then…time for some weekend reading. ENJOY.


  1. 5 meal prepping hacks for the girl who hates meal prepping
  2. A *wild* Cambridge face memory test (I GOT 93%)
  3. These daily angel scripture cards would make *such* a fabulous Christmas gift!
  4. 5 (easy) yoga poses to get + stay grounded
  5. Why reading is the most intelligent thing you can do
  6. This ring has sold out + been waitlisted maybe 3 times in a row???
  7. Wanna build a champagne tower for a holiday party? Here’s how:
  8. How to get over burnout when you can’t take time off
  9. The hottest gift of the season
  10. Mom brain is V REAL…(LOL)
  11. Is retinol in your nighttime skincare routine yet?
  12. What COZY AF dreams are made of (and I can attest)
  13. The Cupcakes and Cashmere team claim to have found the *best* chocolate chip cookie recipe
  14. 3 important questions to ask yourself to create the life you want
  15. Have been literally living in these. Don’t judge me.

Happy weekend reading!

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