Happy WEEKEND. 🙂 This week has felt wild since I messed up the day of the week, well, every day of the week – something about long holiday weekends that just wrecks one’s sense of orientation, amiright? Fall always seems to fly by and as I’m checking out our family calendar, the next few weeks will GO; this looks like our last weekend of nothingness for a hot sec. I’ll be soaking it up with the fam, getting some things done around the house, watching movies, and shooting some content for the blog. Hope you’ve got exactly-what-you-need kinda plans in place, whether that’s some serious R&R or a fun, festive time. Onto this #WeekendReading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 129 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. RIP Queen Elizabeth II – here’s what happens next
  2. The most anticipated books of fall 2022
  3. In my cart: this Louis Vuitton !
  4. Eminem rapping about Jesus YAS
  5. How EPIC is this baked potato board?! (very, very epic)
  6. Just stocked up on – use my BFF Chelsie’s code for 10% off! (CHELSIE10)
  7. The best U.S. getaways for a quick weekend trip
  8. “39 things I know to be true” – lovelovelove this list
  9. This Amazon romper has been my FAVE for transitional style
  10. Someone give these wildlife photographers ALL THE AWARDS (wow)
  11. “What do you naturally excel at that terrifies other people?”
  12. Here’s everything I just ordered from TJMaxx
  13. Kevin Hart’s new plant-based restaurant sounds SO GOOD
  14. 5 fab packing tips for any weekend trip
  15. This chic isn’t even $25…

Happy weekend reading!