Happy WEEKEND. Today we’re celebrating some of our best friend’s baby’s Baptism – and I’m SO honored to be her godmother. 🙂 It’s my first time having a godchild and I take it ~v seriously~. Beyond that, some campaign shoots + fall festivities are on the agenda, and I’m hoping to get some solid reading time curled up by the fireplace with my current book – which is a great fall read, FYI, if you’re into psychological thrillers. Otherwise, no worries – enjoy this #Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 155 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. How to help those affected by Hurricane Ian
  2. Alright, time to try skin cycling!
  3. This $11 Skeleton tee has been A HIT
  4. The best places to visit in October
  5. SOUP SEASON is here, bless up!
  6. Walmart order of the week: these
  7. MMMs just revealed their first new character in over a decade – hint: she’s purple!
  8. 25 cute Halloween costumes for babies + toddlers
  9. were just restocked…aaaand will sell out!
  10. Aaaand this is why Keanu Reeves is the best
  11. Loveloveloved this list
  12. Well are insanely cute…
  13. Bookmarking Hallmark’s 2022 Christmas movie schedule
  14. Sign me up for spiced apple cider punch
  15. This on one of my fave lippies! (+ get extra $15 off with code OFFER) – split into stockings for her!

Happy weekend reading!