Happy WEEKEND! How was your week? This is my dad’s birthday weekend, so we’re celebrating! WOO! This week kinda sorta flew by – anyone else? Last weekend felt like a blur since we spent most of it doing taxes (yuck), so here’s hoping this weekend is a lot more ~chill~. Hoping some good coffee + yummy desserts are in our immediate future… 😉 Happy weekend reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 22 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Here are the highest grossing movies of all time.
  2. Lovelovelove this Q to ask yourself instead of “Does this spark joy?
  3. My favorite swimsuit from last season has been RESTOCKED in white AND black!
  4. Here’s why you’re proud when you finish a candle
  5. DYING to try this cream cheese jalapeno dip
  6. I shared this teddy pom pom beanie on Instagram – only $16.99, SO SOFT inside, + comes in 10 colors!
  7. Here are the 13 best Google Chrome hacks.
  8. And here are sleep hacks for high-performing entrepreneurs.
  9. Are you a pizzatarian? Wildfox NEVER goes on sale like this!
  10. LOL’d at this Millennial versus Gen Z comparison
  11. “Don’t be dumb.”
  12. Apparently, kids are worse around their moms.
  13. Read this before buying your first Chanel bag.
  14. “Mama Needs Some Wine” – for only $25.50 with code ERICA15 
  15. Got fair skin? These are the best drugstore lipsticks for you.

Happy weekend reading!

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