Yo yo yo, it’s the weekend! Happy WEEKEND READING, friends! We just had a *too fun* game night with friends, so we’re looking forward to getting the house clean today before hosting a big Spaghetti Sunday with the fam tomorrow. We started doing pasta dinners biweekly (mixing up the kinda pasta to keep things fresh!), and it’s been the *best* way to come together to connect before the week begins! Onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 6 on Coming Up Roses

  1. Want to win people’s affection? Spill coffee on yourself.
  2. These leopard heels are lookalikes for Steve Madden, for $60 less!
  3. Here’s how to make your eyes look bigger (video tutorial!)
  4. The perfect pairing? French fries + champagne.
  5. This cool bikini is in my cart! (SO affordable, too!!!!)
  6. Mothers are drowning in stress
  7. LOL @ this hilarious dog video
  8. Stop asking people to coffee to “network.”
  9. Lovelovelove this pretty pink blazer – perfect for the office!
  10. Kathleen has a great list of what she buys at Trader Joe’s
  11. Here’s a list of products at CVS with natural ingredients.
  12. Get Tula’s Glow For It kit in time for spring – 20% off with code COMINGUPROSES
  13. Small space? No problemo. Use this to throw your next dinner party.
  14. Great list of 10 quick iOS tips from Kelly
  15. Pulled this foundation from my makeup bag again – lovelovelove. Worth it!

Happy weekend reading!

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