What a CRAY CRAY weekend ahead! Besides it being Mother’s Day, it’s also Olivia’s Baptism weekend, so we’ve got a whooooole lotta family time on the agenda. Can’t complain. 🙂 I hope you’ve got beautiful plans to come, whether you’re spending time with your own mom or mother-figure, or you are a mom or mother-figure yourself. Diving right into some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 7 on Coming Up Roses

  1. 7 types of mascara brushes for 7 types of eyelashes
  2. Do I need or do I need this dress? (Get a sweet discount on it with code ERICA15)
  3. Considering ordering a designer bag from eBay? Read this.
  4. Moscato jello shots, anyone?
  5. A taste test of 6 store-bought chocolate chip cookie brands – which is best?
  6. Bought this for my little Liv…!!!!
  7. To help you regain faith in humanity…
  8. On keeping up:
  9. I’ve never seen , but BOY do I have all the heart eyes now…
  10. These 8 seemingly positive things are actually making you UNhappy
  11. Is your skin’s moisture barrier damaged? (How to know + how to fix it!)
  12. (you won’t believe where it’s from!)
  13. The first ever image of a real black hole rocked the world – and I’m obsessed
  14. Picked up – it smells EXACTLY like the real deal.

Happy weekend reading!

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