WOOOOOHOOO – I am so stoked. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because today marks the first day of our family vacation! We rented a beach house for the week for the whole fam, and it’s going to be so fun – especially since it’s Olivia’s first beach trip. Seeing as she’s such a big fan of water already, we all can’t wait to see her reactions to the ocean, sand, etc. (I’ll be posting updates to Instastories, so follow along @ericaligenza if you wanna see what ensues!). In the meantime, I hope YOU are having the best, most relaxing, most productive weekend. Enjoy this week’s Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 43 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Try this core workout for a summer 6-pack
  2. Quite frankly obsessed with this mesh, one-shoulder one-piece (that’s under $40!).
  3. DIY raspberry mocha recipe – so easy!
  4. What’s your Creative Type? (I’m “The Producer”!)
  5. I’ve got these camo joggers in my cart…
  6. These habits helped her pay off $93,000 of debt in 3-5 years
  7. This just in: Starbucks getting rid of straws?
  8. Everyone flipped for these polka dot PJ’s on my Stories – only $9 and the pants DON’T RIDE UP (bless). (Top here, bottoms here).
  9. 8 ways to turn a bad day around
  10. This Harvard study found ONE key habit to make people happier
  11. Everything Julia ate last week (in detail) – so interesting!
  12. Want your coffee in a cup of ambition?
  13. Here are the most popular liquors in every state
  14. How to still travel with an inconsistent income
  15. I’m seeing stars

Happy weekend reading!

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