WOO it’s the weekend! J + I have a busy one in the books today; we’ve got an event for his job, followed by my high school reunion…which is sure to be an *interesting* time for all. HA. Are reunions even really a thing nowadays anymore??? I mean, between Facebook and the fact that people keep tabs on who they want to keep tabs on and the rest doesn’t really matter…I’m thinking they’re becoming a wee bit outdated. Nonetheless, here we go. 😉 In the meantime, enjoy this Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 48 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Public speaking advice from the #1 female motivational speaker right now
  2. In lovelovelove with my new hoops from Kendra Scott
  3. Lava flow popsicle sticks? Boozy + beautiful. Sign me up.
  4. What’s the deal with body acne (butt-ne, back-ne, chest-ne, the works)…
  5. Everyone FLIPPED for this sherpa pullover in my Instastories – found it online already here!
  6. A city guide to my city – and I haven’t been to many of these spots.
  7. Guess what’s back back back back again (GOSSIP GIRL)
  8. Because I’m happy
  9. Mint watermelon lemonade – YUMMMMM.
  10. Here’s what all the F keys do on your keyboard
  11. Just got these dainty heels in – OBSESSED with the strap situation!
  12. Need to learn to sleep on your back? Read this.
  13. The only salsa you need – trying this recipe STAT
  14. Everyone and their mom RAVES about these mom jeans
  15. Heading to Banff? Here’s a travel guide.

Happy weekend reading!

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