Ayo, weekend! This is the first + only weekend in a loooooong time that we’ve got relatively open. Praise the sweet Lord Baby Jesus. If anything comes between the Gwynn family and some serious R&R, there will be consequences. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing, productive, fun, straight up good weekend, friends. Happy weekend reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 5 on Coming Up Roses

  1. 3 practical tips for tackling self-doubt
  2. A lonely 94-year-old man turned his backyard into a pool for the neighborhood kids
  3. How many comfy AF fleece jogger pants is too many comfy AF fleece jogger pants? The limit does not exist. Especially when they’re on sale for under $30.
  4. How one Vogue writer fixed her phone addiction
  5. Scale of 1 to 10, I give this fresh, 4-ingredient peach sorbet an 11.
  6. Have you ever seen a prettier palette? (On sale!)
  7. How to be productive every moment of the day
  8. The only 3 things you *really* need in a relationship
  9. A great T3 blowdryer on sale – this is one that I personally have + lovelovelove myself.
  10. How 3 bougie magazine editors manage stress
  11. An epic course at Yale teaches How to be Happy. And you can take it.
  12. LoveloveLOVING my FOREO Luna Go lately – such a good cleanse. Grab yours for 20% off with code ERICA20.
  13. 8 must-see spots in the French Riviera
  14. A strawberry margarita jello shot – someone take one for me, MK? MK.
  15. If you missed out on this diffuser in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, no worries – it’s available here!

Happy weekend reading!

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