My baby is now ONE YEAR OLD. I’m in denial. I’ve spent the week forcing her into snuggle submission and playing with every V-tech toy in our house until I know the jingles by heart. It’s fine. I’m fine. In other news, happy weekend. J + I are heading to see our good friends tie the knot today (Yay! Congrats Nicole + Chris!) and I’m taking my brother to a concert tomorrow as his birthday present…I don’t know many songs so Lord help me attempt to look cooler than I really am. HA. Onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 4 on Coming Up Roses

  1. Italy is giving unsold food to charity – incredible!
  2. 5 free toddler activities to do at home right now
  3. (that sells out every year) is back in stock!
  4. Healthy lunchable ideas for grown-ups!
  5. The best spots in Nashville, from folks who actually live there
  6. Speaking of shining, you MUST pick up my friend Ashley’s . It’s FABULOUS.
  7. What a kid really means when they ask “Why?
  8. Can’t wait to try all of these one-pan recipes from Trader Joe’s!
  9. These camo joggers are approximately the coolest (and they’re in my cart!).
  10. Taylor’s mime Halloween makeup juuuuust might be my favorite. (Also because she was Facetiming me while filming it? HA.)
  11. And this is why we all lovelovelove Ellen.
  12. How cute are ?!
  13. What every successful person knows, but never says
  14. This 7-ingredient burger sauce is apparently BOMB.
  15. I lovelovelove that’s not even 20 bucks! (+ get a discount with code ERICA15)

Happy weekend reading!