The weekend (+ Weekend Reading) is here! We’ve got an Ugly Sweater Secret Santa party today (woo!), but otherwise a lowkey weekend on the book. 🙂 Hoping to relax, wrap some gifts, + watch a Christmas movie with the fam! What’s on your agenda?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 61- on Coming Up Roses

  1. Watch an 85-year-old Italian grandma use Google Home for the first time (hilarious)
  2. Could not lovelovelove more. It’s on my wishlist…
  3. Tips for taking photos of/with your toddler
  4. Here’s a map of the optimal route for a road trip of all US national parks
  5. Instant pot crack chicken pasta (YUMMERS)
  6. Did I buy a ? Guilty as charged…
  7. Why we don’t do what we SHOULD be doing
  8. My friend Kallie wrote a “no bullsh*t” guide to starting a blog
  9. Bought on Cyber Monday – it’s on CLEARANCE for $29!!!
  10. They made a list and checked it twice: the 40 best Christmas movies of all time
  11. New rule I’m implementing: the “one screen at a time” rule
  12. Fun Fact: give back to charity!
  13. The important difference between loneliness versus solitude
  14. Need a funny last-minute gift for dad?
  15. When your husband won’t tell you you’re beautiful... (oldie but goodie article)

Happy weekend reading!