This week ended…not well. We lost our sweet Pumpkin, so it was a sad one in our house. But, we had a Christmas theater show on our calendar for months that my parents gifted us, so J + I got away for a few hours to see that and it definitely helped take our minds off of everything! With Christmas happening SO SOON OMG, loss is never easy – so my heart goes out to anyone experiencing some sadness this time of year. You’re not alone. Sending you lovelovelove. Onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING Vol. 62 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. “The Efficiency Delusion” – are we TOO efficient?
  2. Def making this Peppermint Icebox Cake today – YUMMERS
  3. How GORGEOUS is this dress?!? Especially for NYE!
  4. 27 tiny everyday mistakes you’re probably making and don’t realize it
  5. Need a last-minute gift? Here are 8 non-product ideas! (+ my list of 50 gifts that will still arrive by Christmas!)
  6. 50% off one of my fave everyday sweatshirts – long enough to wear with leggings!
  7. Dark Chocolate + Mint KitKat bars sounds like my kinda heaven
  8. DIY pom pom ornaments – cute project this week!
  9. Barefoot Dreams blankets on sale for 25% off!!!
  10. The world’s oldest couple just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary!
  11. Is Seville on your bucket list? Bookmark this travel guide!
  12. Did a live video chat with a Lululemon size expert last week – got the Align joggers + lovelovelove!
  13.  How Brene Brown gets it all done
  14. Bell pepper nachos? UM, YUM.
  15. Just got these ponte pants – they’re great dupes for the $35 Nordstrom pair I have but they’re only $12!!!!!

Happy weekend reading!

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