Hello, WEEKEND. Bless up for short work weeks thanks to back-to-back mid-week holidays. I, for one, am here for it. You? 😉 We’re spending this weekend handling some Passport/Real ID stuff for the fam before 2020 travel, and we’ll likely be taking down + storing Christmas decorations. Sad, but necessary lest they stay up until Valentine’s Day. Which I would not necessarily mind, BUT.

Besides that, trying to keep things more lowkey before the year goes full speed ahead! Onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 63 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Warm + fuzzy news to kick off 2020 (YAY to the girl who got a $2,020 tip!)
  2. Alfredo mostaccioli? YUMMERS.
  3. Mama needs some wine – for 15% off with code ERICA15 at checkout!
  4. Bill Gates did a Secret Santa on Reddit – OMG
  5. If you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a job, read this.
  6. This chunky cardigan is on sale + in my cart!
  7. Apps to download now for a more balanced 2020
  8. Greta has some great spray tanning tips + tricks
  9. I’ve heard RAVE reviews about this bath robe – and it’s currently 50% off!!!
  10. My semester with the snowflakes” – a veteran’s time at Yale
  11. Things learned from spending countless hours on Instagram
  12. Can’t believe these are making a comeback – what a 90’s girl throwback!
  13. Is chocolate good for your brain? (Spoiler alert: YUP)
  14. Congrats to Katey on her second pregnancy – loveloveloved her first trimester Q&A!
  15. This $36 sweater is the best basic staple – I want one in every color! (There are 16!) 

Happy weekend reading!

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