The weekend is here! And what a weekend it is. First up, MLK weekend HOLLAH. Second, J’s birthday is this weekend, too! AND also my girl Taylor’s. And today I’m speaking at a super fun personal development event in downtown Philly, and we’ve got a work dinner for J tonight pending the snow. Tomorrow I’m heading to the Big Apple with my brother, and then Monday we’ll be celebrating J so really, it’s a big blur of happy right through to next week! What’s on your weekend agenda? Now onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 65 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Here’s what time of day is best to workout
  2. Loveloveloved Emily’s thoughts from the morning of their move
  3. Found another pair of Spanx faux leather leggings lookalikes – under $30 instead of $98!!!
  4. Speaking of lookalikes, Karen Walker sunnies look-alikes for around $14 instead of $250!
  5. A story of insane forgiveness – *goosebumps*
  6. A true Marie Kondo-ing in action…
  7. I’m testing out this planner for the year – TBD on my thoughts!
  8. This school district turns unused food into take-home meals for kids
  9. The truth about grief
  10. What a FABULOUS price on a full-length massive chrome mirror.
  11. “I raised 2 successful CEO’s and a doctor – here’s the mistake I see parents make
  12. Instant Pot pasta primavera (YUMMERS)
  13. “Yay! You’re here!” (Great housewarming gift!) 
  14. A 35-year-old Navy LT went from being a Navy Seal to a Harvard doctor to a NASA astronaut (DAMN)
  15. Julie’s thoughts on marriage after kids are spot on!

Happy weekend reading!

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