Happy WEEKEND! We’ve got a fun one ahead – it was girls’ night last night at mi casa, then today we’re off to a big museum downtown with the whole fam! I picked up this for Olivia from Amazon which is going to be SO helpful in public places so that she can still walk around without having to worry about wandering to an unsafe spot. We’ve been rocking it around the house so far and she’s lowkey OBSESSED – it’s rather hilarious. She puts it on herself and buckles it up and girlfriend is ready to GO. HIGHLY recommend if you’ve got a little one around her age, too, to let them be mobile but still safe – this butterfly one in particular is so flat you don’t even have to take on/off in car seats! Bless up. OK WOW tangent – onto some Weekend Reading, shall we?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 70 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Ernie’s been singing Rubber Ducky for 50 YEARS now… (it’s Liv’s favorite!)
  2. Cauliflower mac and cheese? YUMMERS.
  3. FYI – you can now pre-order my BOOK!!! Say what?!?
  4. Disney Cruises just announced something BIG…(Greece?!)
  5. If you’re craving summer, whip up a skinny margarita…cheers!
  6. The coolest colorblock sweatshirt – on SALE + in my cart!
  7. Nervous about going to therapy? Here’s how to start.
  8. Do you have a content hangover?
  9. Everyone NEEDS this from Amazon
  10. Forget cheese boards: Fry boards are what’s next
  11. How to get hyper-focusedon what really matters most
  12. Here’s the personalized Minnie Mouse jean jacket that I got Liv for Disney World
  13. Sign a sistah up for jello shot jenga!
  14. Would you get any of these ear piercings?
  15. One of my favorite dress styles for spring!

Happy weekend reading!