WEEKEND READING time! Anyone else feel like EVERY day kinda sorta almost feels like a weekend now, only because none of us have any clue what day it actually is?! Ha! Hoping you’re staying safe, healthy and well, and sending so much gratitude + lovelovelove to everyone on the front lines of what’s happening right now. You’re truly the real MVPS. Thankyou.

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 75 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” is the best thing to watch right about now
  2. And here’s Episode 2
  3. Need some 5-ingredient dinner recipes for the week?
  4. Cannot recommend this $32 jumpsuit enough (it’s got adjustable straps!)
  5. 30 home projects to tackle this weekend
  6. All I know is I need this chocolate chip cookie skillet in my belly STAT
  7. This affordable strapless, wireless bralette is my FAVE for a no-show bra!
  8. What it takes to survive a disaster, from a Holocaust survivor
  9. 2 methods tested for cleaning your UGGs (I’m trying my slippers this weekend!)
  10. Tula’s new acne moisturizer is great for hydrating acne-prone skin! (Code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off!)
  11. The Himalayas are visible for the first time in 30 years now!
  12. What Rachel Hollis learned from meeting Oprah
  13. Lovelovelove this oversized hoodie (40% off right now!!!)
  14. Easy orange creamsicle gummy bears – YUM
  15. Just bought this pretty $36 dress – SO FLATTERING!

Happy weekend reading!