Hellooooo from the Big Apple! WOW, one day of NYFW in the books, and I’m already ready for a nap + some wine. Neither of which I’ll be getting for quiiiiite awhile. So here we are. đŸ˜‰ ICYMI, yesterday’s adventures included arriving in the Big Apple, meeting #1, a rooftop shindig with the RewardStyle team, protein bars + decaf lattes, a mani appointment with Essie, more protein bars, a WWD x Samsung party, and switching hotels because of a *major* situation (see my Instastories). Tomorrow, our fashion show schedule commences. BRING IT ON, YO. Also bring on Chick-fil-A, or something besides protein bars and grapes. OY. This ish ain’t for the faint of heart – or faint of stomach! What do you guys have planned this weekend??? Onto some *solid* weekend reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 8 on Coming Up Roses

  1. 264 families, 50 countries, 30,000 photos. Sorted by monthly income. FASCINATING.
  2. If you thought your IG had game, check out these Instagram Grandmas
  3. Hey there, Pumpkin” (Cute fall doormat alert!)
  4. Sounds like I might need this since I’m THE WORST at regularly drinking water – you?
  5. 4 reasons to plan for 2019 NOW if you want to be successful.
  6. If you’re feelin’ the fall camo trend, can’t beat this $36 jacket!
  7. I love overpriced soaps and I’m not afraid to admit it
  8. A powerful, tear jerking post on miscarriage. Get tissues.
  9. I’ll take a Cucumber Lime Lavender Spritzer (mocktail alert), pleaseandthankyou.
  10. I bought these because they look like Chanel dupes!
  11. 100% going to try to make cereal milk ice cream myself…
  12. Here’s your guide to making tough decisions:
  13. Picked these up on this week’s Target run – so chic, yet so affordable!
  14. Can bingewatching Netflix actually be good for your health?
  15. 13 motivational books by women to read if you need some life coaching

Happy weekend reading!

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