“What are you gonna do about it?”

Happy. Monday. Rosy. People. Who’s excited about this brand spankin’ new week??? For those of you awesome folks on the CUR Sunday newsbreak, this lil’ Monday Mantra might feel a bit familiar. (; But y’all are lucky ducks since you’re letting me in your inbox, so I try to get you feeling mega-inspired earlier than the rest. I hope that’s cool. For the rest of you, throw your name and email here if you wanna join our Sunday evening parties, too! Now, onto this Monday Mantra.

It’s only the 11th of January…how ya doin’ on those “resolutions”?? Or “Un-resolutions”? Or goals, missions, “word of the year,” whatever you’re doing to feel motivated and inspired to make some positive change and/or keep up the same ol’ awesomeness for 2016. I mean, it’s January 11th, so we can only hope the gyms are still packed and all are still on track… (;

Maybe there’s something you feel yourself slipping on already, or maybe there are new things blooming that have you inspired to add to your already ridiculously long, motivated list. Maybe you already messed up and feel like there’s no use in getting back on track now…it’s the 11th of January, after all, so another 355 days is obviously not possible, right? Or maybe you have just been *slaying* at the goals-game and are feeling filled with idea after idea.

Whichever side o’ the fence you fall on, Imma shoot one question your way…

"What are you gonna do about it?" | A Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses to kickstart your motivation and get you back on track with your goals.

OK…so maybe you haven’t even *written* goals for the year yet (because “win the Powerball” doesn’t count as a goal…). What are you gonna do about it? Are you just permanently writing off your serious goal-writing until next year, since then you’ll be prepared, think ahead, and even buy a cute journal to document it all down and really jump start in style? Nah. Newsflash: it’s never too late to start something new. Whatever you’ve been hoping and dreaming for can happen, but only if you DO something about it. Take action.

Same goes for you overachievers out there who’ve already got it all outlined through 2020. Sure, you can get a pat on the back for being hyper-organized and having a semblance of togetherness goin’ on…but what are you gonna *do* about it? Having dreams means diddly squat if we don’t have the courage to take action. Even if you don’t feel scared to take the next steps, it’s important to be aware OF your next steps and know the order of operations to turn your dreams and plans into reality.

The next time you feel yourself stuck in a stagnant rut, whether you feel behind or ahead of the game, take these 3 steps to get unstuck:

1.)  Identify why you’re stuck. Why aren’t you moving forward? Are you scared? Feel like you don’t have the necessary skills or resources yet? Were you never really dedicated to it in the first place? First figuring out (and coming to terms with) the underlying reason *why* you’ve hit pause is crucial to fully understanding the situation and being able to recommend a remedy.

2.) Figure out one way to pivot from your “why”. So you’re scared…move past fear by figuring out one reason you *should* that trumps why you *shouldn’t*. You don’t have some important skills you’d need to move forward? Figure out one thing you can practice, do, or invest in that would earn you that skill. You didn’t really care too much about achieving it in the first place? That’s OK…now use this experience to choose a NEW goal or resolution that you actually care about.

3.) Do something about it. You’ve figured out the why and a next step, so now what are you gonna do about it??? Through every stage, the choice is yours. Do something about it.

This whole schpeal sorta ties in this one and this one, so I guess the same theme sticks. You are in control of your own life. When you wake up and feel crappy on a Monday morning (raise hand if in the club), yes, you absolutely could hit snooze three (more) times and nearly miss clocking in on time.

But you’ve gotta show up. Not just for your boss or peers, but for YOU! The more you subconsciously set your own mood and day backwards, the worse you’ll feel later on, and it’s all because of things you’ve done (or not done) to bring you to that point.

This doesn’t just apply, though, to goal-writing and everyday things. The same theory goes for BIG dreams. Like your dream to travel the world or start your own business. What are you gonna do about it??? If you feel like you have no idea where to even begin on digesting those dreams, start with the three step process: figure out why you have no clue where to start. If you have not a clue how to begin thinking about launching your own biz, maybe figuring out your first steps involve talking to a serial entrepreneur, researching becoming an LLC, and outlining your first business plan. Baby steps, people! It just takes some action.

So…what are you gonna DO about it????

Be the boss of your own life like you’ve always wanted to be. See who tries to stop you. Hint: no one will.

What are you gonna do about IT this week?

Whatever “it” may be for you, I wanna hear about what you’re rockin’ this week. Let me know in a comment below! And if you like this Monday Mantra, would you consider hitting a “share” button below and sharing it with your friend? Monday Mantra means motivation all around to start your week off right. I hope you’re feelin’ it!
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