“You are enough.”

"You are ENOUGH." - Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses

Good morning, roses! I had a totally different post scheduled to come out this morning, but things change, flexibility is key, and sometimes anxiety gets the best of me. I’ll publish that original post tomorrow as a fun Tuesday interlude, just because. So, confession time: I’m feeling overwhelmed right now. Between various medical/physical things, multiple exams and school stresses, a blog/vlog to-do list from here to Canada, and just daily life, I hit a wall. This morning, I woke up and just cried, feeling really small and inadequate and wanting relief from a multiplicity of things. (Shout-out to my 12th grade Art History teacher for instilling “multiplicity” into my vocabulary.)

I thought to myself, “How the HECK am I going to get everything done that I need to get done? Some might say “prioritize,” but it’s at the point where everything truly does need to get done, because due dates. Since I’m not Superwoman, Beyonce, or Mindy Kaling, I clearly don’t have enough hours in a day to be the shining superstar that I so often long to be. Somethings got to give, right? Right.

But here’s the thing.

Whenever we feel like we just can’t do it all, we have to remember that this isn’t a reflection of our personal adequacy or lack thereof. I’m a chronic internalizer, snowballer, and about 12 other things too, so I know that I tend to take things personally first before giving something serious thought and honest consideration.

Today I had this quasi-realization – one that I’ve read about a million times before, one that’s the title of a book I love, one that’s on one of my favorite coffee mugs.


“You are enough.”


Simple as that. Even when I’m hot-messing my way through life, spilling coffee on a growing pile of papers, tripping over a growing pile of laundry and getting toothpaste in my contact lenses (true story), I’m still enough, just the way I am.

And so are you.

I had to share this with you this morning, because it’s #monday and we’re all in need of extra motivation on this specific day of the week. And I had to share this with you because I feel like I’m not alone. We all have those moments, those days, those years where we feel lackluster, tiny, insignificant and unimportant, insecure or in pain. We feel like we just don’t measure up to what society wants us to be, what our friends or family think we are, or – perhaps even worse – what we strive to be ourselves. So, this is just a shout-out to any/all of you who have ever felt like you just weren’t enough.

You are.

You are enough.

I say “Good morning, roses!” because we’re all just like ’em. Beautiful in our own way, blossoming throughout our life, mortal, and not without our thorns. But regardless of our thorns, we’re still blooming. We’re still growing and getting there, beautiful through it all.

Remember, you’re beautiful. Remember, you’re enough. Now go make Monday worth it. (And see my February Favorites in beauty, fashion, and more on the YouTubes.)

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