“You’ll get there.”

you'll get there.
You have no idea the degree to which hearing this phrase used to drive me straight to Nutsville.
“You’ll get there.”
As if somehow, magically, you’ll just get there.
Get where, even?
The boyf used to drive me completely craycray every time he’d utter those 3 words (3? 4? 3 and a half? Contractions complicate things.). I would want to vent and go through this whole schpeal, and I always figured he’d come back with some superbly motivational speech about how I just need to do yaddayaddayadda and all of my dreams will come true and I’ll be back to my senses, feelin’ good and killin’ it.
Nope. All I got was, “you’ll get there.”
And this totally stressed me out, up until last week. I found myself in my shared dorm bathroom, tweezing my eyebrows to distract myself from my state of confusion and discontent over my own business aspirations. I heard my own inner voice trying to convince myself that I will, in fact, get there.
“There” isn’t even a geographically plausible location, yet apparently I’ll find it if I just believe. What is this, Oz?
But, Let me grab my ruby slippers and tell you why it works.
Because it’s true. Simple as that.
This has become one of my favorite quotes, because of its delightful simplicity. Somehow, it has the ability to really calm me down and bring me back to firmer reality.
It grounds me and, even if momentarily, makes me feel centered and alright with the world. Meditate on it for a sec.
So often, what are our anxieties surrounding? The future. The unknown. The uncertain, the unsure, and the to-be-determined. We stress and we cry and we worry about the things that scare us and make us feel less in control of the twists on our path, and that’s an uncomfortable fact of life. But that’s just it – not knowing what lies ahead is a fact of life.
But, so long as you keep the faith in yourself and beyond, focus on your goals and work to make them happen, you’ve done pretty much everything; giving that extra push of worry doesn’t give you anything but stomach pains and stress pimples. If and when you’ve done everything in your immediate power to “make it happen,” there’s no guarantee that it actually WILL…there’s just a guarantee that you’re 100% better off than you would be had you been ok with doing nothing at all. You position yourself openly towards your aspirations and hopes, dreaming of this ultimate, satisfying destination – a point where you feel solid, like you are complete because you made it.
But that’s just an ideal; oftentimes, if you’re living right, your goals are in a constant state of flux and evolution, and they grow and change as you do. Chances are, you’re ever going to be at a point in life where you can say that you are totally done, have achieved all of your goals, and have no more on you our plate to tackle. And that’s perfectly alright (normal, in fact). It ties back into another favorite quote of mine: happiness is a journey, not a destination.
So, in the end, you’ll get there.
While it’s no be-all-end-all solution, just reminding yourself that you will, in fact, get there – wherever there is – can be endlessly reassuring and peace-bringing. Know that at some point a sort of resolution can be had, so long as you continue doin’ your thang and believing in your purpose. It might not be a physical location; for me, often the phrase helps most when I sense myself lacking clarity or understanding on how to proceed with something. Whether it’s with my blog or business, recruiting for an internship, or connecting with another human being, sometimes I’m just not sure what to do next, and that stresses me out.
Even when you have no idea which way to go or which path to choose.
Even when you feel like you’re never going to be able to get where you want to go.
Even when you don’t know which step to take next, or feel just generally lost and confused.
Don’t worry.
You’ll get there.

You’ll get there. What’s your favorite quote to get you through harder moments?

I keep a journal full of all things inspiring and motivational (if you’d like me to share a whole slue of ’em in a post, hollah at me), so I’m 100% interested in hearing your own faves that have meaning and resonate the most.
And for anyone keeping tabs on me right now, you know that I blacked out in prison on Friday. While that was a real blast, apparently it wasn’t exciting enough; I’m currently blogging from my college house computer lab, as my laptop got hacked and has to be entirely re-configured (translation: it’s back to square one, factory settings, laptop circa 2012). Right now for me, “getting there” reads as getting to Friday.