20 thoughts on turning 20.

20 for 20

Well, this is it. My last week as a teenager. My journey into the world of the “20-somethings,” where yoga, gourmet coffees, throw pillows, and philosophical musings reign supreme.

This post started with a title and no ideas to follow thereafter. Should it be 20 facts about me? No, that’s lame. 20 reasons why I have 82 bottles (yes, I counted) of nail polish? Nah, that’ll be a different post.

I don’t want to create a whimsical, far-reaching, or too-limited bucket list of sorts, and I’m not into providing a thousand and three facts about me (but if you’re interested in that, stay tuned for Liebster award goodies).

So instead, since I’ve always considered myself to be a bit indecisive with too many thoughts and not enough time, I’ve conjured up a list of feelings (ooooooh, feelings!) that I have towards the big 2-0.

1. I’m excited to…zipline somewhere tropical, marry the Love of my life, and buy my first car. And I’m excited to perform in the semi-finals of the ICCAs this Saturday. For any non-acapella junkies, it’s a collegiate competition with singing and “aca-bopping.” Re-watch Pitch Perfect.

My fabulous Counterparts after killin' it at the quarterfinals.

My fabulous Counterparts after killin’ it at the quarterfinals.

2. I can’t wait for…my summer internship to begin! And for my trip to Poland in a few summers.

3. I’m scared of…feeling inadequate.

4. I’m wearing…classics and neutrals, with pops of color and statement pieces of bling in between.

Starting my morning off with red velvet tea, courtesy of the one and only Taylor, and the coolest statement necklace ever, courtesy of the one and only Boyfriend.

Starting my morning off with red velvet tea, courtesy of the one and only Taylor, and the coolest statement necklace (ILY Couture), courtesy of the one and only Boyfriend.

5. Turning 20 represents…a decade of decisions, taking stands and thinking we’re a lot older than we actually are.

6. The best thing about being a teenager was…always coming home to meals made by my mom and then driving to musical rehearsal with David Guetta blasting.

7. I’m stoked to try…macarons in France and real Polish food, ya know, IN Poland. (Note: all food.)

8. I’m inspired by…the plaque in my room with my favorite Bible verse on it (Philippians 4:13).

This empowers me.

This empowers me.

9. I’m Pinteresting…so much. I guess it transitions to more “future-y” things now, like those aforementioned throw pillows and dream house interiors, right?

10. I’m worrying about…living up to my own standards, and landing a sweet gig after graduation. Which is a still good bit away. Cue my stressing about things that are years away. Sheesh, worrying is exhausting. Time to finally follow my own advice…

11. I’m thankful for…my life. Everything in it. Especially oatmeal cream pies. (Kidding…but also not kidding…).

12. I’m loving…my Consumer Behavior class and my new ‘do (shorter, redder, the works!).

13. I’m listening to…Kodaline, Bastille, Magic Man, Olly Murs, and Band of Horses.

14. I’m hoping…to be a fantastic RA for my freshmen residents next year.

15. I’m surprised about…taking this birthday so seriously. I’m not usually one to do that. This time, I’m embracing the terrible two’s (haha, kidding again!) with earnest anticipation and acknowledgement of this new decade’s relevance in my young life.

16. I’m proud of…getting closer and closer to overcoming my anxiety. And I’m proud of my mom for persevering through her years of school, and my brother for wanting to become an electromechanical engineer, and my dad for just being wonderful, and Boyfriend for being a complete rock star at work and in life.

17. I’m thinking about…how many new adventures this decade will bring. Wow. Seriously.

18. I want to learn…how to speak Polish, how to do a forearm stand, how to successfully play the stock market, and how to make French macarons (the colorful kind).

19. I’m going to study…anything but calculus. Specifically, brands, the consumer psyche, and what drives our decisions as consumers. Robert Cialdini’s “Influence” was a wonderful read, as was Jonah Berger’s “Contagious,” so now I’m finally on to Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” and “Outliers.”

Out comes my nerd.

Out comes my nerd.

20. I’m going to live my 20’s…day by day. Living in the moments and cherishing them – each and every one.

Another list made, another birthday to celebrate. Luckily, I have a whole decade to fill with more addendums and feelings and thoughts. Remind me to report back when I’m “dirty thirty” with how much my list has inevitably evolved.

For everyone already in the “20-something” category, what does it mean to you?

Now accepting all words of wisdom and tidbits of advice on being a rockstar 20-year-old.


Cheers to that.



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