The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Her

It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the year! (I had said every post from now through New Year’s can start with that…wasn’t kidding. 😉 ). I actually cannot believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Like, ho-ho-hold up time, where you goin’? I swear a hot sec ago Purrcy was our little 10-week-old kitten, and now he’s 6-7 months old and FAT AF, purring away on my lap as we speak (he was aptly named). Slow down, time. But, in the spirit of the season of giving being right around the corner, I’ve scoured the internet to find/curate the *ultimate* list of gifts to give the HER in your life, whether that’s your bestie, your mom, your sister…yourself. 😉 Ha! AND, bonus – everything is from Amazon. I wanted to figure out how to make this as easy peasy as possible for ya, and having everything be from the same place pretttttty much does that. So, an Amazon Gift Guide it was. You can #AddToCart for every chica on your list…and then you can shop for the boys when you’re done. 😉

ALSO, as a bit of a disclaimer, a lot of these picks are versatile enough to work for mutiple people. Figured that’d be easier than featuring things like clothes, where so much of that depends on her own specific style, taste, body type, etc. So maybe your mom wants/needs new makeup brushes, but your bestie loveloveloves Gucci and wants an affordable lookalike, and you yourself could go for a new coffee machine – it’s all below.


Everything in this lil’ Amazon Gift Guide for Her is pictured here, and then descriptions of everything + links to shop it all are below the image!

Amazon Gift Guide for HER by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses Christmas is right around the corner - are you ready for it? Popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses shares the ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for HER, with 37+ gifts she'll lovelovelove! Click here now for all the info!


Studded bag I lovelovelove the bold red – so trendy! so classic! But if red ain’t her thaaaang, there are a few other color options, as well.

Acrylic makeup organizer – Chances are, she could go for some organizing. Chances are, she could also go for some cleaning out of the makeup collection. Help her do both with a fun organizing to inspire some productivity!

Velvet bow flats – How cute are these?! Totally on trend with the whole bow-flat-mule thing, + seasonally appropriate with velvet. Also comes in blush!

Gel pens – IDK about you, but I am ALL ABOUT a good gel pen. I think most Type A, color coding perfectionists are. 😉 Super easy giftable for the bossbabe + the mom alike!

Chloe Faye bag lookalike – I couldn’t wait for Santa, so I pulled a TREAT YO’SELF on this bad boy yesterday. Ha! It’s GORGEOUS + it’s a near PERFECT lookalike for the Chloe Faye bag. Which is apparently $1,950. This bag, however, is faaaaaaaar (far) less than that. It’s actually astonishing how similar they look. Here’s the designer versionhere’s the lookalike. You be the judge.

Chanel coffee table books – If she’s into all things chic, some Chanel is a must. And a few stylish coffee table books are muuuuuuch more budget-friendly than, oh I dunno, a $5,000 handbag. HA.

Pink interchangeable letter board – A must-buy gift for the girlboss in your life. Super Instagramable = a big bonus.

Shea cashmere hand cream – Hands down, my favorite hand cream. EVER. I’ve been using + obsessed with this stuff for *years*. My aunt would always gift them to me for pretty much anytime, which effectively got me addicted. Not even mad tho, cos it’s truly bombdotcom. It’s SO moisturizing (it’s got shea butter galore) + smells like a total dream. Stock up on this sucker, cos not only will she lovelovelovelove it now, but she’ll want it later, too. Also stock up cos you’re going to become hooked yourself. Friendly warning. 😉

Chanel lookalike earrings – This whole Chanel lookalike thing is going STRONG for her this season. These earrings are just super pretty, classic studs, and they come in rose gold, silver, + yellow gold…so you can grab her whatever metal she prefers. They’re under $30, while the actual Chanels are upwards of $500.

Marshmallow fireside candle – This is one helluvah yummy candle. It’s a very wintry/seasonal scent while being absolutely nothing like your stereotypical or traditional Christmas candles. Gotta smell it to believe it! Makes for a PERFECT housewarming gift and/or hostess gift for any upcoming Christmas parties.

Kate Spade crystal studs – These gems are actually cheaper on Amazon than they are anywhere else. #bless. Come in clear, silver, pink + black. Perfect stocking stuffer for her!

Chunky knit sweater – An easy around 25 bucks for something SUPER cute. This is in my cart right now, actually, cos I #CantStopWontStop with chunky knits right about now. Comes in 9 (yes, NINE) different colors!

Karen Walker lookalikes – HOW CUTE ARE THESE THO!?!?! I am obsessed. I bought these, too. Clearly this has turned into my own personal shopping extravaganza. Not even sorry about it. 😉 These are alternatives for these designer sunnies, obviously a whole helluvah lot cheaper. Especially when I lose and/or break sunglasses like it’s my job, you won’t catch me dead shelling out big bucks for plastic. Nosirree. Pairs less than $10 will do.

Pink tassel earrings – They’re under 8 bucks + come in 5 colors…SUPER cute stocking stuffer that’s ready to par-tay!

Pearl top – AND HOW PRETTY IS THIS TOP!?!? The excitement is real. Bought this, too. SOMEONE HELP ME. I mean, how pretty are those pearl details?! And the sleeves? Swoon. Comes in 5 colors and would be sincerely *perf* for everything from a dressed down date night with jeans + black boots, to a dressier Christmas party, with a skirt, tights, + heels. (Here are my fave tights, if a need a solid foolproof pair!)

Levi’s classic boyfriend jeans – IDK for sure, but isn’t this, like, the CHEAPEST you’ve ever seen Levi’s…ever? I mean, if classic Levi’s are on her list, get these and don’t think twice.

Tassel loafer mules – Word on the street is that these bad boys are COMFY AF. Will be buying myself. (Story of my life). Cos clearly girlfriend can’t resist a comfy AF mule. Comes in 5 colors!

Gucci belt lookalike – ALL THE DESIGNER LOOKALIKES. Y’all know I lovelovelove my designer alternatives. ‘Cause ain’t nobody got time (or $$$) for the real deal sometimes (although sometimes it IS worth it, I swear). But in this instance, why pay $350-450 for a belt when you can pay less than $15? (Seriously). Bought this in black AND brown. If she loves the look of designer and you don’t like the pricetag, this lookalike is 100% worthwhile. Here it is in brown, too!

Oprah’s favorite vest – If Oprah loveloveloves it, you know it’s a goodie. This vest is a higher pricepoint, but OPRAH. It comes in 11 colors (yup, 11) – I personally am totally digging this carmel-y color. And it looks suuuuuuper warm. It comes down past your booty, so it seems really practical in that we all hate when our buns are cold. I’ve got a feeling it’s the type of thing she’ll lovelovelove for years to come.

Chloe Nile bag lookalike – Back at it again with the designer lookalikes! This is a similar look for another very expensive bag. Specifically, a $1,790 bag. And the lookalike comes in 20 colors. YUP, 20. And it’s under $100, which is much prettier than close to 2 grand amiright???

Echo dot – If she’s techy, she’ll lovelovelove an Echo. An Amazon staple!

T bangle bracelet – Under 10 bucks, super easy stocking stuffer. Here’s another fave of mine!

H bangle – A lookalike of a very expensive Hermes bracelet. 8 color options!

Beaded statement earrings – How cute are these?!?! Such fun statement earrings for the girly girl and/or accessory trendsetter in your life. 13 colors to choose from, and under $18! #StockUp

Nespresso machine – This one’s the doozy gift. But I mean…COFFEE. If you reaaaaaally love her, you’ll gift her coffee.

Dainty slider bracelet – This one’s a similar look for this gorgeous $500+ bracelet. Super cute for the girl who loveloveloves a lil’ bit of sparkle!

Strappy workout pants – Whether she’s into working out or just looking like she’s working out, these strappy workout pants are a must. And they’re under $35!

Jack Rogers boots – I want these with a burning passion. I mean, how pretty is the pink?!?! I’m also *fairly* certain that this is the best price on these, too.

Criss-cross sports bra – How cute would this look paired with those strappy workout pants above?! (Answer: V CUTE). It’s got removable cups. Comes in 4 colors + it’s under $20!

Zac Posen pearl card holder – This pretty designer card holder is under $50 in the most GORGEOUS rose shade. It’s got a little wrist strap, so she won’t lose it.

Kinkless hair ties – These have been all the rage lately for anyone looking to maintain healthier hair, with less stress when your hair is up. Super easy stocking stuffer idea!

Beauty Blender multi-pack – These aren’t the name brand beauty blender, but honestly…it’s a sponge. I don’t get how/why one sponge would be better than the others. Ha! Grab the six pack and call it a day!

Wine Wipes – I have these – they’re awesome. These are just littles wipes designed to prevent staining on your teeth if/when you’re enjoying a glass of your favorite red wine and you’re not near a toothbrush. Wine stains your teeth (no bueno), so these are just a quick n’ easy preventative measure!

Makeup brush set – This brush set is on MAJOR one-day sale…it’s under $12 right now?!?! Insane!!! They’re rated 4/5 stars with 488 reviews, so for a whole set of brushes that’s less than the usual cost of 1 good quality one…that’s amazing. Grab for the beauty guru in your life!

Pack of 12 Bath Bombs – If she loveloveloves pampering, what’s more pampering than luxe baths??? 12 bath bombs should keep her pretty + pampered for awhile. These have free one-day shipping via Prime, so it’s great for a last-minute gift for her (or holiday housewarming gift!!!)

FOREO Luna Face Exfoliating brush – Perfect for her if she’s into (or increasingly into) skincare. And EVERY girl should be into her skin…she’s only got one! 😉

Coola Mineral Sunscreen – This is an AMAZING sunscreen. I’m actually switching over to it ASAP. I had the chance to try this recently when I got my face lasered, and the doc recommended it as a great option. It’s meant to be a great face sunscreen, which I know can be hard to find a favorite in when you’re coupling with makeup, etc!

PHEW. Aaaaaand now I’m in debt. HAHA JK. But really tho, I bought so much of this myself + am using so much as giftables…I’m really stoked about all of the above. If you’re not in the shopping spirit (yet) but wanna save this guide for later, PIN THIS:

Amazon Gift Guide for HER by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

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