My Personal Style Mantra, with Hanes

After the 6th grade, I switched from a private school to the public education system. That’s a whole story in and of itself. But the relevant tidbit for today: I went from a school uniform to anything goes when I switched schools for the 7th grade. Middle school is rough (really tho, is it kind to ANYONE??), so something that I always used to recenter and feel most “me” was my own style. I was a bit way too stoked to be uniform-free, and I distinctly remember planning out outfits a week in advance, head to toe, accessories + all. Everyday was a slightly different vibe; one day I’d be rocking a graphic tee and sparkles reminiscent of a Lizzie McGuire episode, and the next would be whatever Aeropostale polo was trending for 7th graders that week. One day would be preppy and classic, the next would be colorful and bold. I swear I was like a friggin’ chameleon, probably because I dressed to reflect my attitude and what 7th graders’ attitude isn’t changing every 32 seconds???

I’ve mentioned before how we didn’t have a lotta moolah for shopping growing up, so oftentimes I found myself making due with whatever the coolest $5-or-less pieces were that week from the Walmart clearance racks. I swear that’s what helped me develop some semblance of style (or, at least, my own personal style!), because it forced me to get creative and mix + match what I got to look good and feel confident in myself (in middle school, no less).  In time, my style evolved to not be quite as dynamic (thankfully), and now I think I can pretty much sum up “my style” as an easy-enough mantra.

One part edgy. One part girly. An occasional part classic.

My closet cocktail.

My personal style mantra.

While I still mix it up + get creative (often), I always find myself feeling most confident + rooted in any look that is part edgy + part girly. It’s like the perfect closet cocktail, I swear. I say “an occasional part classic,” too, cos that’s the one exception to the rule (since there’s always an exception). If I’m feeling more classic, that typically doesn’t need to be edged up or feminified – it just is as it is, classically. 😉

Today I’m partnering with Hanes® to share my personal style mantra with their new Perfect Tights, which are aptly named because they’re legitimately perfect, I kid you not. I ALSO thought it’d be a fun, kinda sorta perfect time to combine my personal style mantra (since y’all know I lovelovelove mantras around these rosy parts) with a quasi-life mantra.

So, I styled two looks – one being bit girlier and the other being a bit edgier – but both having edgy + girly elements. Both also feature these Perfect Tights, which – fun fact! – have this new ComfortFlex™ technology (who knew tights could have “technology”?) that make ’em oh so comfortable for everyday wear.

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Tights (c/o) // Top (Mine is size US 4 – also comes in yellow + red!) // Ruffle Skirt (also available here) // Leopard booties // Hoop earrings (Only $10!)


For look numero uno, I went with girlier elements: a pretty colored top, a fun ruffled skirt, + leopard booties. First thing’s first: this top is bold. It’s got character, I think, and it so nicely complements the bold character of some classic leopard booties. ICYMI, leopard is a neutral. Which makes it classic. 😉 It’s feminine, it’s fun, + it’s fashionable. And let’s talk these TIGHTS! Lordy Lordy, I forgot how much I lovelovelove me some good quality tights. And I mean emphasis on good quality. You know those tights in the back of your tights drawer (slash sock drawer) that you had circa 2012 for your cousin’s husband’s sister’s winter wedding, and you’re not quite sure if they’ve got runs or if they’re even stretchable anymore?

Yeah, these ain’t those.

Hanes® Perfect Tights might just be the softest, stretchiest, comfiest tights I’ve ever worn ever.

They’re made with X-temp™ technology, which is designed to adapt to your body temperature to keep ya comfy all day long. How cool is that?!?! No more feeling totally sticky and gross if/when you wear tights in weather like right about now, where the day starts at 65 and is in the 80’s by 3 pm. So they’re basically perfect (get it? Perfect Tights? Ha! 😉 ) for transitioning to true fall fashion. Plus, these bad boys are thick enough to be actually *warm* come wintertime. Not like I’m tryna jynx it with snow or anything, but…

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Hanes Perfect Tights - Styled Girly AND Edgy in my own Personal Style Mantra

Tights (c/o) // Striped top (Only $19 – SO comfy!!! I have in multiple color combos – the perfect layering piece) // Corduroy skirt (Under $16 – another option here) // Leather jacket (old, similar here, here, here) // Combat boots (old, near identical versions here, here) // Lipstick (“Rebel”)


Look numero dos is a bit on the edgier side, with a leather jacket + combat boots. But, it’s still got a girly twist: a cute corduroy skirt that’s fashionable/on trend, too. A leather jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, in my humble opinion, which just so happens to be factual right here. 😉 Also in my humble opinion, I think a good pair o’ tights is seriously underrated. Whether it’s an otherwise too-short skirt or a sheer dress that needs a lil’ somethinsomethin underneath, the Perfect Tights are like that one extra essential to make ya feel better in your own skin + more confident in your everyday style. Who the heck wouldn’t want that?!

P.S. The Perfect Tights are available in 3 types of coverage – sheer, opaque, + blackout – and come in sizes S – XL.

Besides the Perfect Tights, there are ALSO the Perfect Nudes™- get yo’ mind outta the gutter! 😉 These are total GEMS when you’re wanting a natural, airbrushed finish, and they’re run resistant (bless up!). They leave ya with sleeker, smoother legs (like for when you forget to shave…#guilty) + provide wicking Cool Comfort™ with the X-temp™ technology. AND, they blend away any sorta imperfections (like my Lady Gaga scars – remember those?). The Perfect Nudes™ come in 6 skin tones + true black, and sizes S – 5/6X.

Make sure you’re following along on Instagram (@ericaligenza) to catch those bad boys in action later this month. 😉 AND make sure to use #PerfectByHanes to share how you style your own perfect (get it? Ha!) tights.

Quick tidbit to tie in the aforementioned quasi-life mantra to my Edgy x Girly personal style mantra: I try to live my life with equal parts edge + femininity.

  • Sass x Class
  • Confidence x Grace
  • Boldness x Softness
  • Rebellion x Rules
  • Fierceness x Frivolity

Because that’s the ladylike way to be. 😉 Now, I wanna hear from YOU.

What’s your own personal style mantra?

Make sure ya pick up a pair of Perfect Tights and/or Perfect Nudes on your next run – they’re available here.

Hope ya have the most PERFECT weekend! 😉

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**Thanks to Hanes, a brand I truly lovelovelove, for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions + thoughts presented are entirely my own. Thank YOU for supporting the brands that support Coming Up Roses!

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