The Best Amazon Purchases of 2018 Thus Far

Hey girl hey! (And dude? Do we have any dudes in the house? Ha!) Happy hump. Are you a nosy person? I don’t mean to be nosy by asking, but I, for one, am a nosy person. Especially when it comes to Amazon. Some folks freak out about what’s in someone’s bag, others care most to peak inside a closet – I just wanna see what you’re buying on Amazon. Creepy? Maybe. Practical? Completely. I think at this point, at least 75% of my Amazon purchases are recommendations from other people. Which I guess speaks to the power of #influence? Ha! But I figured since SO much of what shows up at our doorstep is dependent on what I find perusing my own personal favorite blogs, here’s hoping this might shed some light on my own best Amazon purchases of 2018 thus far.

If this is something that you guys like to see slash find interesting, I can totally do more – just let a sistah know.

Diving right in with my best Amazon purchases of 2018 (so far) – we’ve got a *solid* mix of things, ranging from organizational tools to books, to beauty products, to clothing/accessories.


Need more ideas of the best things to buy on Amazon? Philadelphia lifestyle blogger, Erica of Coming Up Roses, is sharing her BEST Amazon purchases of 2018 thus far!

  1. Fun Sunglasses – I have gotten SO many pairs of sunnies from Amazon in the past year or so – hands down, they’re my go to. You can just find so many stinkin’ cute pairs at reaaaaaally affordable price points (we’re talkin’ 10 bucks and below, peeps!), so I like that a whole heckuvah lot better than, well, anything more than $15 on sunglasses. Ha! I just can’t bring myself to spend so much on a piece of plastic, especially when they very well may end up at the bottom of my bag being tossed around. This is also a fun way to try trendier frames that you might not otherwise try, or that you’re unsure of – just grab a few and see what works best on your face shape!
  2. The 4-Hour Work Week – I’m on a mission to read SO MUCH MORE this summer than basically ever before. For a whole plethora of reasons, but namely that I’m really talented at picking + buying books, and not-so-talented at actually sitting my ass down to read them. SO. That changes now. Maybe if I figure out how to shorten my work week to 4 hours instead of 104 I’ll have even MORE time to read. 😉
  3. Daily Ritual Jersey T-Shirt Dress – I’m such a sucker for a good t-shirt dress. They’re the easiest thing to throw-on-and-go come summertime, so I try to stock up every season! This one is affordable + made out of that squishy soft jersey material that just lays beautifully on every body.
  4. Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning – After hearing everyone and their mom talk on about this stuff, I couldn’t NOT get it. My own Trader Joe’s doesn’t have it (or at least, I couldn’t find it), so Amazon it is! It’s good on literally everything. Avocado toast, homemade pizza…anything.
  5. Dr. Scholl’s Eden mules – You’ve only heard me talk about these bad boys approximately 42 times, so a 43rd won’t hurt, amiright? 😉 (They were literally choice numero uno on my 7 Best Shoes for Spring roundup – hollah!) I will forever stand by these shoes. The insoles are just made SO well and fit SO comfortably – they really feel like they mold to your foot and hold it in there perfectly, so there’s no slipping or sliding, AND you feel support while you walk – which can be a rarity in the mule department! Dr. Scholl’s, ya done good. And they’re the best price point on the web on Amazon!
  6. Tula facial cleanser – My faaaaaavorite cleanser is sold on Amazon! Woo! It’s just the best, simple as that. I have about 4 full-size tubes ond hand at any given moment, as well as travel size! HOWEVER, I’d still recommend buying through the Tula website itself, because my discount code will save ya 20%. 😉 [code: COMINGUPROSES]
  7. Madison Jeans – Hmmm, these should look familiar… 😉 If ya caught yesterday’s post, you might recognize these! I had never before bought a pair of jeans from Amazon, because I was suuuuper skeptical. I mean, household supplies, accessories, even food – sure. But jeans? Had no clue what to expect in terms of fit or quality, so it was really a gamble. But I was SO pleasantly surprised – they could not be any better! These fit like a glove, feel great, and are really figure-flattering. The length is perfect – it’s long enough to wear into fall with boots, but not too long, so you can still pair with flats + sandals right about now and look slash feel fine doing so.
  8. Method laundry detergent (in Ginger Mango!) – Hands down, our favorite detergent. Everything in the Method line (originally found at Target!) is more natural – we use all of their cleaning products in our bathrooms + kitchen, too! But the SCENT of this stuff specifically is just amazeballs. So def get the Ginger Mango! It also lasts for 66 loads of laundry.
  9. Onzie workout leggings – Under $60 with FREE shipping, which is so cool because other Onzie leggings are sooooo much more expensive. (These favorites of mine cost me $78 – worth it, but obvi different than $60 LOL).
  10. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – It took a good hot sec for me to pull the trigger on this spray. I mean, it ain’t cheap. And it’s texturizing spray. I fully expect VS Angel I-woke-up-like-this bedhead for a $22-46 hairspray. But every blogger and her mom was talking about it, so I jumped on the bandwagon…and I think I’m hooked. TBH, I haven’t used it enough consistently to know 100% my thoughts. So far so good, but I’ll be testing it a bit more and on different styles (as well as on different days in my wash/non-wash cycle!) before giving you guys an updated, solidified opinion and/or potential recommendation.
  11. Vital Proteins Collagen peptide stick packs – Collagen is a MUST in your wellness/health/skin routine!!! It does just SO much to improve your hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments, tendons…the list goes on. You can get a lot of skincare products now with collagen inside to be applied topically, but I lovelovelove that you can also ingest it safely + without flavor for a super easy integration into your daily food/drinks! These sticks are flavorless + soluable in hot or cold liquids, so you could put it in anything that day – your morning coffee, your gym water bottle, your green smoothie, your tea before bed, you name it. Even works in baked goods!
  12. Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan – Total brownie babe over here. And total brownie snob who prefers the crispier edges! I showed this bad boy on my Instastories the other night because I whipped up abatch, and…I’ve already eaten half of them myself. They really come out perfectly. So for all my fellow brownie babes who like the edges more than middles, this pan is for you. It literally bakes the entire brownie batch to have edges. #YoureWelcome
  13. Divided Lazy Susan Storage Container – Our spice cabinet *desperately* needed some TLC. It was a hot mess express in there, and finding spices was a near-impossible feat. Everything was just standing inside, which might sound find on concept – except in a packed cabinet shelf, you can only really see that front row. To reach a spice in the back, you had to take out…everything in front of it. NOT EFFICIENT. Also bad, because instead of actually *looking* through our selection when cooking, sometimes a certain CUR husband would just go re-buy a spice. Bless him for cooking, but no blessings to the 3 half-full jars of garlic powder in there right now.
  14. 90 Degree by Reflex Activewear – I have the star print, and they’re actually designer lookalikes! They only cost under $24 + are Prime-able, while their designer counterpart costs $185. But if stars ain’t yo’ thaaaang, there are literally 35 prints slash patterns to choose from. Casual.
  15. Clear lipstick caps – The solution you never knew you needed to all of your black MAC lipstick caps being the same dang color. Ha! But really tho, this is such an easy little fix for your makeup bag. MAC lipsticks are notorious for all looking the exact same from the outside, with no little colored sticker even on the bottom to help a sistah out. These caps fit them perfectly, so just exchange your black standard ones for clear to help see your colors faster!

What have been your own best Amazon purchases so far in the year?

Have you found any repeat-worthy picks while shopping? I lovelovelove to snoop on other people’s carts, so let me know what’s in yours right now worth adding to mine! 😉

Happy HUMP – hope your week is coming up roses.

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