The Secret’s Out: I WROTE A BOOK!!!!

I can hardly contain myself.

That’s a lie.

I’m not containing myself.

I have zero chill, zero cool – I’m just 100% freaking the freak out over here, friends!

Hitting “publish” on today’s post was actually a bit difficult – like pressing GO on an unstoppable train or stepping off of the point of no return. It’s exhilarating like a roller coaster or a great date, and it’s terrifying just the same.

BIG NEWS on CUR today, folks…



It’s a real life, hard cover, b-e-a-uuuuutiful book, and it just launched for pre-order on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble!!!

CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 Monday Mantras - Now available for pre-order on and at Barnes and Noble! I WROTE A BOOK, Y'ALL!!!

CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 Monday Mantras - Now available for pre-order on and at Barnes and Noble! I WROTE A BOOK, Y'ALL!!!


Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras

EEEEP! First, let me back it up for a hot sec.

If you’ve been around the CUR block before, you might be veeeeery familiar with the phrase “Monday Mantras” – namely because it’s a whole series here! Monday Mantras have been around from the start of CUR and are still to this day one of my personal favorite things to write – and heck, one of my favorite DMs to this day was someone sending me a picture of the tattoo she got because of a Monday Mantra she read here (like, what?! CRAZY COOL). So when I had the opportunity to publish a whole book of Mantras for a year’s worth of Monday’s, I absolutely could not say no.

I think alot of us want some sort of consistent thing that they can dig their hearts and souls into, but get overwhelmed with some daily practices that can become just too much with everyday life. Or, we end up just tucking something away on a bookshelf and forgetting about it altogether. Caffeinate Your Soul is like personal development meets a daily devotional meets a coffee table book. It’s written very conversationally and personally, so that it feels like you’re just getting poured into by your best friend over lattes. (Because we’re BFFs around here 😉 ).

Caffeinate Your Soul was born from a want and need to…

  • Beat the Monday blues
  • Give new meaning to the perceived bad guy of the week
  • Be equal parts uplifting, inspiring, and refueling
  • Serve as more than a read, but a reminder
  • Have tangible takeaways and be a two-way dialogue – a true practice
  • End the year more confident, more brave, more steadfast in who you are and who you continually strive to be!

Inside are 52 “mantras”, designed to be read every Monday to start your week strong (so there are obviously enough for every Monday in an entire year!). Of course, you can read it however you see fit, and if that’s binging the whole shebang one Saturday afternoon – go for it, girlfriend. After you finish reading, you’ll know how to:

  • Step out in courage and carry on after hardships
  • Grow through what you go through
  • Give yourself grace and give up the personal guilt trips
  • Get comfortable being UNcomfortable
  • Act on your dreams and do hard things
  • Clear out the clutter in your life, say no more often, and fail forward

The hope + point is to just fully digest the information and practices inside in a sip-sized way, instead of feeling slammed in the face and/or totally overwhelmed by a traditional “self-help” or personal development book.

Each mantra also has accompanying artwork, which I worked hand-in-hand with my publisher’s design time to create. It was an INSANELY iterative, creative, nit-picky process to make them truly complementary to the words on the opposite page, so that whether you learn by reading words or seeing visuals or writing yourself, there’s something in Caffeinate Your Soul for you. 🙂

Speaking of writing yourself – there are four “check-in’s” throughout the course of the book, with intentional tie-in’s to the previous quarter’s Mantras to make sure you’re getting as much as humanly possible out of it and encourage deeper thought. You can even write in the book if that’s how you learn best!

And since it’s this beautiful hardcover book with these colorful, fun illustrations inside, it’s meant to be left out on your coffee table or on your desk at work as a constant reminder, but one that doesn’t feel like clutter or just another thing on a neverending to-do list. (Because ain’t nobody got time).

Caffeinate Your Soul will officially release on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), so as if we needed another reason to celebrate with margaritas and queso – HERE IT IS. You can pre-order it now, and your copy will automatically ship as soon as it “officially” releases!

CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 Monday Mantras - Now available for pre-order on and at Barnes and Noble! I WROTE A BOOK, Y'ALL!!!

Aiiiiiiiight at this point I’m already all teary-eyed – what a journey to get here.

I want to give a huge freaking THANKYOUSOMUCH to those of you who have already pre-ordered your copies – your support means the absolute world to me and I am very fully aware that I just wouldn’t be here as a published author if it weren’t for you. Every pre-order counts, especially since they all “tally up” together on release day and impact ratings (and things like bestseller lists and all that CRAZY stuff!), so for taking a leap of faith in me that Caffeinate Your Soul is something worthwhile and readworthy without physically seeing it in person yet – thankyou.

I hope you lovelovelove Caffeinate Your Soul as much as I do!

If you pre-order the book, pleasepleaseplease LET ME KNOW so that I can appropriately THANKYOU!!! Your support means everything and I owe you a big fat freaking hug for believing in me + this little blog of mine, since it led to this little book baby. 🙂