Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – April 2018

Monday…we meet again. Anyone else have a super relaxing slash productive weekend??? We were so busy, but somehow also managed to make Sunday feel equal parts chill + efficient. On Saturday, we headed to my parents’ house for a little gala at their church with a live funk band, which was SO fun. Sunday, we came back home – and cleaned the whole house, did 4 loads of laundry, grocery shopped, + meal prepped for the entire week. Phew.

The week so far has been gloomy + grey, but it’s supposedly gonna be in the high-80’s later on…I’ll believe it when I feel it. 😉 Also not totally believing that tomorrow is May. I’m sorry, what? Wasn’t it Christmas, like, last month?? OY.

New month means ringing out the old with a good ol’ Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove post: The 5 links, 5 things,  + Stuff on Sale I’ve been favoriting this month.

Links I Love:8 Links + 5 Things I Love - on Coming Up Roses

  1. How Damsel in Dior manages her ADD
  2. Elon Musk’s genius way to make yourself meet deadlines
  3. 20+ Random Acts of Kindness to restore your faith in humanity
  4. Forget about goal-setting. Do this instead.
  5. Because the Justin Timberlake meme is upon us…here are the best places to visit in May.


Stuff on Sale:

Madewell jeans for 30% off

All jeans, pants, + tees at Old Navy – up to 50% off!

The cutest little peplum tee, on sale for under $15

FREE shipping + 40% off EVERYTHING (!!!) at LOFT! (code: HOORAY)

40% off the cutest UGG bow slippers

Online TODAY ONLY – 40% off everything at Express!

A gorgeous Sole Society duffel bag is on sale for 40% off, making it under $50!

40% off dresses at Abercrombie!

How ADORABLE is this gingham trench coat?! On sale for 40% off!

70% off all final sale pieces at Shopbop!


Things I Love:

Rebecca Minkoff braided heels

I think I’ve mentioned before, but holy moly…when I saw these bad boys in the store, I gasped. Partially because I loveloveloved them so, partially because I knew that no matter the price tag, they had to come home with me and that terrified me. Ha! 😉 I’ve worn these SO many times this season already, because they’re a.) absurdly adorable, and b.) absurdly comfortable. The chunky block heel makes them easy to walk in all day long (really), and your foot really feels strapped in. Every single time I wear them, I’m stopped + complimented – I think because they look so unlike anything else out there right now!

ALSO, they come in black, mint, and now other colors have been added to the lineup per their popularity – a lighter pink + the prettiest champagne gold.

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)


Ember mug

GUYS. This. mug. is. LIT. WOW. I could not loveloveLOVE this any more without just going totally overboard on the caps lock. My parents got me this for my birthday because I am *notorious* for having cold cups of coffee all over my house. I make my coffee in the morning, I get distracted and/or start working, and then by the time I take a sip or remember I have coffee…it’s cold. So anticlimactic, and such a pain to then go microwave the dang thing. Total first world problem, I know. 😉

But the Ember.

The Ember mug gets your mug to a specific, “ideal” temperature (which differs between coffee, tea, and lattes, apparently), and then maintains that temp until your drink is finished. Or, instead of having just that one “ideal” temp, you can elect to choose your own if you’ve got a super specific taste. It’s WILD. No more getting up mid-sentence to microwave your mug! It’s a Christmas miracle!

But really, this is a gamechanger. I’d *highly* recommend for any busybees who forget to drink their cuppa in one setting, or any MOMS who can never seem to get through a cup without an interupption – this will be your saving grace. You might actually CRY with bliss upon first use, I kid you not. Also makes a FABULOUS gift idea!!!

ALSO was winner of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2017, so there’s that.

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)


Gucci card case

Happy Birthday to meeeee! I wanted a Gucci card case REAL bad. Maybe it’s the whole Hit the goal, Get the Gucci mindset? Ha! 😉 This bad boy was my birthday gift to myself, and I could not lovelovelove it more. I knew I needed a card case after one too many times traveling with my bigass wallet and having it be inconvenient or too big altogether. Especially on a trip – ain’t nobody got time for unnecessary space! I always loveloveLOVED the chic look of a Gucci card case, so I figured I’d invest a bit in a quality piece that would last forever. This has been a serious LIFESAVER while traveling. No joke, yo. I can just carry my license, main credit card, biz card, and one other whatever – and it’s glorious. It’s super easy to whip out whenever, which I lovelovelove.

Also, it fits in any bag so easily, and it’s great for throwing in a crossbody when out shopping, too! I’m tellin’ ya, a Gucci card case is a fabulous gift idea, as well, if you wanna get her something designer without dropping an arm and a leg (and a hip). 😉

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)


Urban Decay Backtalk palette

I can’t decide what I like the most about this palette – the shade selection, or fact that it’s eyeshadow AND blush. Urban Decay’s Backtalk lipstick is one of my all-time favorite nude lippies; it’s the perfect mauvey hue, and the lipstick itself is super hydrating (my mom uses it like chapstick, no joke). The palette is formulated with the same sorta pinky-mauve theme in mind, and I’m here for it.

I think it’s a good mix of shimmer + matte shades, which is always a plus.

The Backtalk palette is perfect to travel with, too, since it’s so multi-purposed. Lovelovelove that I can do everything from a basic neutral eye for a lighter makeup day, to a smoky berry look.

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)


Essie Treat Love & Color polish

I was *hyped* to try Essie’s new TLC line when it launched, because it sounded so friggin’ cool to me. The whole concept is that the polish is formulated with good-for-you ingredients that help strengthen your nails – a major win for someone like me who alternates between gel manis at the salon and at-home manis. When I’m not wearing gel, I want my nails to look nice while getting the chance to breathe + recuperate. This line is made with collagen + camellia extract; it boasts giving you stronger nails in ONE week, with 60% less peeling and 35% less breaking.

My nails have never (*knock on wood*) felt significant damage from gel manicures, but I definitely think this polish helps on off-weeks! Perhaps what I’m MOST impressed about right off the bat, tho, is how long it lasts. I kid you not, this polish LASTS like gel polish. I had it on for a week straight with ZERO CHIPS. Zero!!!!! I’m always typing and using my hands for everything under the sun, so regular ol’ nail polish does NOT have this effect ever for me. But with three coats, I can go just about an *entire* week totally fine. This is absurd. Def recommend if you want something healthier + longer lasting for your nails at-home!

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - April 2018 (Gucci Card Case, the Ember mug, Essie's new polish line, + MORE)


What links/things/sales have you found + loveloveloved lately?

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Happy Monday – go make it happen.

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