COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, December 2021

Wrapping up yet another month with some Cool Sh*t – and MAN, time flies. 2022 is here, so we’re playing a bit of catch up n’ wrap up this week to close out all things 2021. Can you believe it? I cannot. But here we are, and I think we’re all hoping for better, brighter days ahead. 🙂 Favorites this month included everything from luxurious-feeling drugstore body cream to the famous Boll and Branch waffle blanket + more.

COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses the blog

EOS Vanilla Cashmere body cream

This is some of the BEST body cream I’ve tried in a looooong time. Listen, your girl is picky with lotions. it’s gotta be ultra hydrating without being greasy – and this is it. It’s got 7 nourshing oils and butters inside, including shea butter, and it is LUXURIOUSLY thick n’ creamy without any greasiness. AND, it smells absolutely phenomenal. It’s a gorgeous vanilla scent, but the cashmere twist is my favorite – and I’ve come to find I apparently lovelovelove cashmere-laced scents. IDK what it is because IDK how cashmere can have a smell – but if it did, I’m sure it would be just like this. I got the hand cream, too, and have stocked up for winter skin!

eos Vanilla Cashmere hand cream - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses the blog


Morgan Harper Nichols book

BIIIIIIG Morgan fan over here. I’ve been following her Instagram for what feels like forever, and am just perpetually inspired by her brain. She’s simply incredible. She’s a Black, Autistic artist + writer, and I swear every single thing she publishes is worth a read or watch. Morgan always make me pause, think, reflect…something I think we ALL could use more of in everyday life. This book is full of beautiful illustrations + quotes to page through, like her Instagram brought to life. ______

Follow her on Instagram + buy her book…and I just saw her next book is already available for pre-order, which I just did, too!

Morgan Harper Nichols book - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses the blog


Soma Vanishing Edge underwear

If you’ve been looking for fabulous no-show, no-panty-line undies that won’t give you a major wedgie or roll up yo’ bum…look no further. These are it. They’re the best. Hands down, no doubt – I’ve tried so many, and have full stopped my search upon finding these gems!

What sets them apart is the silicone at the bum. It almost gives a sticky feeling so that it stays PUT without riding up, so you get full coverage + comfort without any slippage. I could throw out all other undies at this point – I’ve found “the one!”

Soma Vanishing Edge Underwear - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses the blog


Mackenzie Childs pieces

When we moved into this home, I bought the cult-classic MC tea kettle to keep on our stovetop. Then, come fall, I got a courtly check cauldron to add to our seasonal decor and figured investing in a piece or two a season would be a cool way to slowly but surely build a courtly check collection. My intention this holiday season was to pick up the pie plate, and then their PR team so kindly sent along a few pieces for our Thanksgiving tablescape and I was thrilled. We’re set with quite a few gorgeous, classic checkered pieces for entertaining, which feels like such a fun way to add a modern twist to a lot of our older, more sentimental passed-down pieces!

Mackenzie Childs Courtly Check serving platter for Thanksgiving table Our THANKSGIVING TABLESCAPE featuring classic Mackenzie Childs Courtly Check pieces with family heirlooms!


Boll and Branch waffle blanket

This was a pre-Christmas TREAT YO’SELF to our bed – ha! I had seen every blogger and her mother rave about the Boll and Branch waffle blanket for their bed and decided to give it a try for ours. Sure enough…wow. I mean, it’s got over 700 SOLID 5-star ratings on the website, for good reason! It’s lightweight yet cozy with a fabulous, touchable texture. We had tried switching to our warmer, fleecier winter bedding but ended up switching BACK and just adding the waffle blanket from Boll and Branch instead – great decision. It’s warm and cozy but BREATHABLE. Bless up.

And Milo approves. 😉


Sebastian Maniscalco comedy specials

OK OK I might be the last person to this party…but have you heard/seen Sebastian’s comedy specials yet?? We stumbled upon them on Amazon Prime/Netflix recently, started watching on a whim, and ended up laughing out loud. Sebastian’s physical humor is HILARIOUS. His routines aren’t super vulgar or crude, so his jokes are really creative and real – so many jokes are based on everyday life and observations of people. We get a royal KICK out of him and need more.


Mix Bar Vanilla Bourbon perfume

Did I need a new fragrance? Nope. But there I was in Target, and for not even 20 bucks, I apparently can’t pass up vanilla-scented bliss. It layers so nicely with the eos body cream, which was what I had in mind in justifying my purchase. 😉 Almost reminiscent of my fave warm cashmere fragrance that costs a bit more, so it’s a nice, more affordable alternative for a similar scent! 

MIX BAR vanilla bourbon perfume - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses the blog


Be My Eyes app

What an AWESOME app. Wow wow wow. So I actually first downloaded it back in July, which you can see from my profile below. But because they have an abundance of volunteers (yay!), you are not bombarded with calls by any means – if anything, I wish I got more! Essentially, the app connects blind users with volunteers who can assist with seeing something in real time to help with some sort of task. It could be matching clothing, handling technology – really, anything! I got my first call in December and answered (you have the choice to answer or not – if you don’t, it goes to the next volunteer in queue), and the woman needed me to help her see some pieces of mail to figure out who they were from so that she could pay a few bills. The calls opens like a FaceTime so that you can see whatever you need to see to appropriately assist, and it’s a super quick way to help out on the fly. HIGHLY recommend giving it a download!

BE MY EYES APP - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses the blog


My sugar cookies

The best cut-out sugar cookies recipe of all time, I’m convinced. Definitely one we’ll be baking every single year. Shoutout to Sesame Street for the *solid* recipe inspo. 

THE BEST CUT OUT SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE EVER - inspired by Cookie Monster himself!


Chickfila peppermint chip milkshake 

The perfect December sweet treat. Treat yo’se’lf. 😉



And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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