From the CURowd: Favorite Podcasts

‘Tis the perfect time to catch up on  TV shows, movies, and…podcasts! I was admittedly never a huge podcast junkie before starting my own, and now it’s ALL I really listen to when I’m driving. I lovelovelove that really, there’s a podcast for anyone on anything. You can get business advice or learn organic farming, hear inspiring conversations with world leaders or wine-fueled banter between girlfriends. Truly, something for everyone! My favorite podcasts or ones I tend to steer towards have more clear takeaways or are a more structured conversation, because I get antsy if I feel like I’m “wasting time” or not really getting anything from a conversation. That, and I get distracted easily. HA. So if things get too far off topic or veer off course too much, I’m confused and not sure which way is up, let alone why I’m there in the first place. 😉

Here are a few of my own favorite podcasts:

  • THRIVE – Of course I’m a weeee bit biased on this one. 😉 But I lovelovelove the THRIVE podcast, put out my yours truly every single hump day. We’re all about helping you go from surviving to thriving in your own everyday life, and do it with practical, tactical tips and inspiring conversations with other kickass individuals who want to help you do the same. I’ve had the total honor + privilege of speaking with some truly incredible people already, from a world-renowned heart transplant surgeon to a positive psychologist who teaches folks how to be happy (really), to cancer survivors and a 21-year-old hairstyling prodigy. Everyone’s story is different but message is the same in that it’s one of encouragement + empowerment to really help you kick it up a notch, uplevel your mindset, and make it happen. Tune in!
  • Rise – Rise is the business-minded brain child of Rachel Hollis, who is one of my personal favorite authors and motivational speakers. It focuses mostly on topics that relate to business, but guests are dynamite and lessons can transfer to everyday life, too.
  • Rise Together – A relationships-centric podcast put on by Rachel Hollis and her husband, Dave.
  • She Podcast – The podcast of an Instagram friend of mine, Jordan Lee Dooley, who also authored the book Own Your Everyday! Jordan talks fast and keeps it real (like me!), so I find myself nodding in agreement with SO MUCH of what she says. Also great guest episodes!

FAVORITE PODCASTS - From the CURowd: Favorite Podcasts Roundup on Coming Up Roses

And now, here are some of YOUR favorite podcasts! (As a reminder, CURowd roundups are all curated from you – the Coming Up Roses crowd…CUR crowd…CURowd. Get it? 😉 It’s my way to hopefully spread the lovelovelove so that you’re hearing + learning from each other and not just from me, so this can be as much of a two-way convo as possible!)


Swiftish! It’s all things Taylor Swift! From lyrics break downs to all the newest swiftie drama. Any and all news or theories. Plus, the ladies who host it are so fun to listen to and do their research! I love hearing what they think and their experiences. It makes Monday’s more tolerable! – Beka

Crime Junkie because I love mysteries! And The Skinny Confidential brings so much value to my life…always a ton of tips and tactics to live your best life. – Haley

The Happiness LabAmanda

My Favorite Murder! They are very witty and feel like my friends at this point. – Meredith

Girl’s Night with Stephanie May Wilson! Feels like you’re in the room with her talking to a BFF. Also, Heart of Dating. I love that it’s Christian and offers so many different stories and tips! – Michelle

Guys We Fucked; it is so funny! Plus they’re a great woman empowerment podcast. – Faithlyn

Be There in Five – she’s a Chicago girl with great insight. – Sara

Secret Keepers Club – it’s hilarious! – Ali

Scrubbing In by Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad! It’s my fave because they talk about Grey’s (hence the name), but also dating and faith and life and they have the best guests and they’re super fun! I always feel uplifted when I listen. – Kaeleen

I actually really love NPR’s Life Kit. It has a lot of really good tips! – Kaylee

Pod Save America. It’s by Obama’s Speech Writer and former White House staff and they break down politics in such a smart and funny way. The second fave is Dateline! – Kim

Crime Junkie. True Crime Obsessed. Being Boss. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Mile Higher Podcast! – Taylor

Journeywomen – it’s faith based and perfect for moms. – Jenn

Mindspeak! Holly is so real, informative and uplifting in the way she talks mental health. – Catey

Chatty Broads – so real and raw. Plus great Bachelor recaps! – Haley

Listen Money Matters. It’s relatable money education but male humor mixed in casually – Kyle (he’s one of my best friend’s husbands, so pass along for your men who need recommendations!)

I love Awesome with Alison, What the Eff Podcast, Bear Brook, and Potterless! – Chelsie

I like to listen to And That’s Why We Drink – it’s a paranormal and true crime podcast. Love it because I can just relate to them and how they talk. And because I love paranormal junk and true crime stories! The THRIVE Podcast because duh. Informed Pregnancy Podcast because I’m preggo. And The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, mostly because of the guests they bring on! – Katie

Beautiful Anonymous – it’s an amazing way for the host to connect with people! – Meredith


What are your favorite podcasts?

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