LOOK FOR LESS: Goodnight Macaroon Over-the-Knee Boots

You’ve been DUPED! I feel like a gameshow host typing that, so we’re gonna roll with it, MK? 😉 But seriously, welcome back to the newest CUR series: LOOK FOR LESS. I’m personally SO stoked for this latest addition since one of the top reader requests is ALWAYS for lookalikes or similar styles to more expensive/designer pieces. I’ve been big on that my whole life, personally – finding the look for less, without sacrificing on quality whenever possible. Of course, sometimes copycats are known to be cheaper, lesser alternatives – but the point of this series is to only bring you the BEST, where quality is not lost and the similar product is just as good as the real deal (if not better).

AND, everything featured on LOOK FOR LESS will be pieces that I personally own myself – both the lookalike AND the real version, so that you can see a true side-by-side comparison of the two.

The first LOOK FOR LESS were these Lululemon lookalikes from Amazon that are not even 30 bucks (compared to Lulu’s $98 Align pants!).

Today, we’re chatting that you’ve probably seen on your Instagram feed if you follow a fashion blogger or two. 😉 The original Goodnight Macaroon suede leather over-the-knee boots took social media by storm, with every Instagram influencer and her mother swearing they’re the best boot out there.

What makes the Goodnight Macaroon boots unique: The top is a bit stretchy – almost reminds me of neoprene wet suit material – so they’re made to stretch and hug your thigh for the perfect fit. For me, it’s not a huge win since they’re a tad bit loose for my leg anyways, so I don’t necessarily reap the same rewards as girls who get that perfect-fit-feel if the boot better fits their thighs there. But it’s undoubtedly an advantage over boots that tie and bunch up or just fall down whenever you walk. Ain’t nobody got time.

I can 100% see why + how they’d be that good because it definitely makes for a flattering fit + comfortable wear when they’re perfectly hugging your legs. ESPECIALLY since they don’t fall down at all, which ends up being really flattering too since they truly elongate the look of your legs. So if you’ve ever wanted to look + feel like you’ve got mile-long legs – HERE YOU GO.


I have of the real Goodnight Macaroon over-the-knee boots! I bought them this season after seeing everyone and her mom wearing them on Instagram – so I guess you could way I was #influenced. 😉 But really, I wanted to see if they were worth the hype – and money.

They’re originally $163 (currently on sale for $129!). My “real” Goodnight macaroon boots are in the “Marlo” color!

DUPED: Goodnight Macaroon Over-the-Knee boots and their best DUPES from Amazon - for $100 less! On Coming Up Roses

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The also come in (which looks more like grey in my opinion!), as well as the .



While the original Goodnight Macaroon boots are great, I think these from Amazon are JUST AS GOOD – and they cost over $100 LESS. #BlessUp. This pair is less than $50 on Amazon. They’ve got over 1,000 near-5-star ratings, and they’re on Prime with free returns!

A difference from the Goodnight Macaroon pair: you can choose your heel height! The originals are 3″ and mine are both the 3″ pair, but you can opt for a 2″ height if you prefer a shorter heel.

Here they are in grey, and here they are in black, both of which I own + lovelovelove and have styled here:

DUPED: Goodnight Macaroon Over-the-Knee boots and their best DUPES from Amazon - for $100 less! On Coming Up Roses

DUPED: Goodnight Macaroon Over-the-Knee boots and their best DUPES from Amazon - for $100 less! On Coming Up Roses The $12 Sweater that feels like Cashmere - This $12 striped pullover sweater is INCREDIBLE and WILL sell out, so treat yo'self ASAP! - Easy, affordable fall fashion on Coming Up Roses

One of my personal favorite things about these boots in EITHER style is how well they work both over pants or on bare legs. With some boot styles, it can be hard to find that “perfect fit” where they aren’t slipping or needing adjusting every 32 seconds. These are best known for NOT slipping and just staying put all day long, which is definitely preferable over anything else.

Really, if you handed me all of my pairs without labels and asked me to discern which was which – I don’t think I could do it. Everything from the toe shape to heel height to how they zip is just about identical, the colors are comparable, and the way they stay at the top is also the same. So for me, it’s a no brainer: the Goodnight Macaroon lookalikes are worth it. Save the money and TREAT YO’SELF to the look for less on Amazon, instead. 🙂

Have you tried the Goodnight Macaroon over-the-knee boots yet? Or have you snagged the lookalikes?

If you have or lovelovelove EITHER, I wanna know! What do you want to see compared side-by-side in a future LOOK FOR LESS post?