My Favorite Pair of Lululemon Lookalikes from Amazon

Welcome to a brand spankin’ new series on CUR: LOOK FOR LESS! Probably the #1 reader request is always for good lookalikes to more expensive, higher end, or designer label pieces. And y’all – I get it. Ain’t nobody got time (or $$$) to constantly splurge on the priciest things on the rack. I’ve shared my own personal story a few times now about my own proud past of shopping the Walmart clearance racks for school clothes, and there’s no shame in that game. I really pride myself on being the best resource to help you find the best deals, but also the best bang for your buck. So if you can find a piece that’s just as good if not better than another more-expensive option – you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to find it + share it with you so that you’re SAVING your bottom dollars while still getting the style. So, LOOK FOR LESS will be a series to share the looks for less, be it a piece of clothing or a beauty product that looks the party and/or works the same as (if not better than) a pricier counterpart. AND, LOOK FOR LESS will only feature things side-by-side that I personally own BOTH versions of, so that I can speak with 100% authenticity from firsthand experience on BOTH. I think that’s really important, especially since oftentimes I’ve been frustrated myself seeing folks call things replicas or lookalikes without owning something, and then I’ve ordered it only for it to be totally NOT that.

So. That’s the gameplan. Cool? Cool. 😉

I shared these Lululemon lookalikes that aren’t even $25 awhile back and they were a HIT with y’all – and for good reason. I mean, they’re near perfect alternative to the cult-classic Lululemon Align pant. But of course, I’m always on the hunt + open for even better options to share with you – and sure enough…I found ’em.

Before we begin, a quick disclaimer.

By no means are all lookalikes created equal. Some lookalikes are just cheap copycats in an attempt to rip off an original to make a quick buck, and they totally lack in quality or integrity. Others are blatantly counterfeit, in stealing actual designers’ logos or trademarks. In sharing replicas with you, my hope is always to find high-quality, worthwhile pieces that look similar to a “designer” or more expensive option without infringing on any copyright or trademarked original pieces.

Of course, much of this is just the nature of the fashion industry – it’s the whole point of trends. Once something is “trending,” every designer and their mother makes something to be “on trend” in the hopes of making sales and being with the times. So there’s BOUND to be similaries in styles across seasons. I like to look at lookalikes in a pretty factual, side-by-side comparison sorta way to really see what makes something hyped, and to find a similarly hype-worthy product.

lululemon alternatives from amazon

Lululemon ain’t cheap.

I shared Lululemon lookalikes before, but I’m stoked to say this new pair of mine is even CLOSER to the original – which I didn’t even think was possible when I tried my first pair of Lululemon lookalikes! But, it is – I shared these the second I realized I was legitimately mixing up the lookalikes with the originals.

Mind you – I’ve bought pieces dubbed as “Lululemon lookalikes” before that turned out to totally not be that. So my goal with LOOK FOR LESS is to REALLY dive deep into the actual makeup of each piece in a side-by-side comparison format so that you can not just take my word for it, but SEE it all in action behind-the-scenes to judge for yourself before hitting buy, too. 🙂

I can say with 100% certainty that both of these are *legit* Lululemon lookalikes.

I own two pairs of the real deal Lululemon Align pants, in both a classic black and the camo print. I lovelovelove them dearly.

I’ve got two pairs of these under $25 Lululemon lookalikes from Amazon, which were my original find + share as an alternative.

I now own four pairs of these under $30 Lululemon lookalikes from Amazon. Y’all…they’re just as good as the real thing. Truly.

So here’s the deal.

The first pair of Lululemon lookalikes I shared are technically speaking more like a carbon copy of the Align pant. Based on their material makeup, they’re the same. And based on their product description on Amazon, the brand is lowkey coming at Lulu. Ha! They’re description says they’re designed to fit “like a second skin” while calling them “buttery soft” and “sweat-wicking,” both of which Lulu are and are known to be, and says they’ve got a “four-way stretch and a 28″ inseam” – which Lululemon Align pants have, as well. Both are highwaisted with a waistband pocket, too.

Lululemon leggings are famously made with a specific, secret “Nulu” fabric blend. I did some #research to learn what the heck that truly is, and learned it’s 86% nylon, 14% Lycra. This first pair of Lululemon lookalikes are listed as being 86% polyester, 14% spandex.

Lycra and spandex are the same. Nylon and polyester are *almost* the same – the difference is that nylon is softer and stronger than polyester, but polyester is faster drying and abrasion resistant. One of my *only* complaints with my own Align pants is that I fear pilling, so I can see how this might be a realistic difference between the fabrics.

Here’s a side-by-side of Lululemon lookalikes #1 to the OG Lululemon Align pant:

The Best LULULEMON DUPES on Amazon lululemon for less

Can you tell the difference???

The Lululemon lookalikes are on the left, and the real Align pants are on the right!

Now, THIS new pair of Lululemon lookalikes I personally prefer a teeny tiny bit (if we’re REALLY nit-picking – because I lovelovelove both and 100% recommend either), and I think it’s because they’re actually stretchier! Of course, this is also by a small margin. But in looking at the fabrics, there’s actually more spandex in this pair versus the first pair of Lululemon lookalikes I shared and the original Align pant.

These Lululemon lookalikes are 75% polyester and 25% Spandex. They’re fabricated to have some compression to “feel like a gentle hug,” and they’ve also got the hidden waistband pocket detail. They also come in versions WITH pockets on the side; I have two pairs like this and also lovelovelove, although I realistically don’t use the pockets for things all that much – ha!

 The Best LULULEMON DUPES on Amazon - Tried and True Lululemon leggings lookalikes and feelalikes on Coming Up Roses! The Best LULULEMON DUPES on Amazon - Tried and True Lululemon leggings lookalikes and feelalikes on Coming Up Roses!

Can you tell the difference here??? I had to triple check the leggings to make sure I got which was which correct – ha! But here, the Lululemon lookalikes are again on the left, and the Align pants are on the right. Then this pair comes in other fun prints that I own, as well – like this gren camo and the blue cyan leopard!

The Best LULULEMON Alternatives on Amazon - Tried and True Lululemon leggings lookalikes and feelalikes on Coming Up Roses! Tried and True Lululemon leggings lookalikes and feelalikes on Coming Up Roses!

In ANY leggings like these, Lululemon or not, NO DRYER.

I repeat, NO DRYER. Wash on gentle in cool water and hang to dry to avoid shrinkage + maintain the integrity of the fabric as you wear, especially since if you’re like me, you’ll wear ’em hard! 😉

At the end of the day, if you don’t have and/or can’t justify spending $98 on a pair of the real deal Align pants, these Lululemon lookalikes for under 30 bucks are an unbeatable alternative.

The Best LULULEMON DUPES on Amazon - Tried and True Lululemon leggings lookalikes and feelalikes on Coming Up Roses!

Do you own Lululemon Align pants? Or have you tried any Lululemon lookalikes yet?

I can’t wait to hear what you think if you do!