MEET THE GWYNN-STONES (Happy Halloween!)

GWYNN-STONES, MEET THE GWYNN-STONES! So stoked to debut our 2020 family Halloween costume: The Flintstones!

Just dropping in quick to say HI HELLO HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Honestly, I was NOT a big Halloween person in the past. Granted, growing up we didn’t live in a development or anything where trick-or-treating was really a thing (we’d MAYBE have 3 trick-or-treaters TOPS in a night, many of which were teenagers in scary costumes, so as a little kid watching this I was a bit scarred I think – ha!). As a little kid I remember traveling up to see elderly relatives and “trick-or-treating” at their houses or nursing homes, which usually involved “working” for my treat – like reciting a Halloween poem or singing a song. So I think I got bitter as an adult when costume-less kids would just show up like “GIVE ME CANDY” – ha! 😉 

But now with Liv able to participate, I’m here for it. And I’m happy to introduce our 2020 family Flintstones costume!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the GWYNN-stones! Sharing our 2020 family Flintstones Costume on Coming Up Roses!

Last year, the Spice Gwynns came to town (you know…Old Spice, Pumpkin Spice, and Baby Spice? Ha!). I think that really spawned new life for Halloween in my heart, because it was so much fun to get creative with a family costume and take Liv out trick-or-treating. Granted, being in a development made all the difference since people actually DID go trick-or-treating, and Liv was adorable with it. One of us would hold her (she had only just turned one at the time) and she’d “crane” down into a bowl of candy to pick a piece. It was equal parts hilarious + adorable, and it’s safe to say the entire clan enjoyed the loot. 😉

This year, I’m STOKED. Granted, it still looks different than years past, but Liv now can obviously walk herself up to a table of candy and pick a piece (watch out, Reese’s). I know our neighborhood is taking various level of precaution while still allowing kids to partake in the fun as safely as possible, so I think most folks’ plan is to just have a long table in front of their house with contactless pickup of treats. Ha!

I knew a family Flintstones costume would be perfect since Liv most often has her hair in a cute little top ponytail just like Pebbles Flintstone, and I often rock a top knot like Wilma – and J just IS Fred Flinstone, you know? 😉 AND THEN I thought of the play on words with our last name and that was it, done deal, sold to the highest bidder because the Flintstones costume idea was a go.

I found ours on Amazon – here’s exactly what we got:

I will say, the Wilma Flintstone headpiece in the package is pathetic and leaves a LOT to be desired. For these being pieces of felt fabric, it’s entirely overpriced – but worth it for the perfect Flintstones family costume ensemble. Ha! 😉 

FOR MORE FUN happening this weekend, a few Halloween sales I saw pop up to shop:

  • Abercrombie Up to 40% off PLUS FREE shipping on $75+ orders 
  • American Eagle 31% off everything (including jeans!)
  • Colleen Rothschild – BOGO 50% off (code: TREAT50)
  • Express40-50% off everything!
  • Kohl’s – Extra 20% off everything (code: TREAT20), PLUS FREE shipping on $75+ orders
  • LOFT 40% off fall tops + sweaters PLUS Extra 50% off sale!
  • Old Navy 50% off storewide PLUS Extra 20% off everything (code: SWEET)
  • Pink Lily Boutique – 15% off anything (code: ERICA15)
  • The Sis Kiss – 15% off anything (code: ERICA15)
  • TJMaxx – Free shipping on order $89+ (code: SHIP89)
  • Tula – 15% off anything PLUS FREE shipping over $40 (code: COMINGUPROSES)

Thoughts on our family Flintstones costume???

Have a yabba dabba doo time this weekend! Happy Halloween!

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