How to Write a Standout About Me Page (& why it’s important)

One of the most well-trafficked pages on your website will be your About Me page, and for good reason – if you’re constantly growing and constantly bringing in new peeps, they want to meet the boss behind the blog! With that comes an important feat: once they read about you, make them care enough about you and your website to stick around for more. The real challenge is turning curiosity to genuine care.

Your About Me page is one of the most important pages of your website, because it’s what most new eyes are going to click on first once they make it to your website. If they want to know more, they click…and they want to be impressed. It’s like in dating. You meet a guy at the bar, and you want to know more about him…so you stalk his Facebook profile. If any little thing at all sets you off as being uninteresting or unworthy of your time, chances are, you won’t have date #2. The same theory applies to your About Me page. It’s the hub of information that lets people in on whether or not they want to stick around for more. So, it’s important. Really, really important. But, there is a formula of sorts that works hella well for creating a standout About Me page, so in typical CUR fashion – I’ve got your back.

As a disclaimer, though, this “formula” is not a onesizefitsall by any means. Heck – onesizefitsall rarely works, because we’re not onesizefitsall people. So take the lessons, and tweak as necessary to apply to your own online space.

How to Write a Standout About Me Page by popular Philadelphia blogger, Coming Up Roses


  • Separation of blog and self.

You are not your blog, and your blog is not you. Even if you blog about your daily life, you still need to TELL people that your blog is all about your daily life. Separating the two makes it easier for brands to work with you, because they know right off the bat what type of content is featured regularly on your blog. If there’s guesswork involved, chances are they’ll pass on ever working with you. Because if it’s confusing to them, it’s confusing to readers, it’s confusing to consumers…the list goes on. To attract new readers and collaborators alike, make it crystal clear what all you’re about personally, and what all the blog is about professionally. Here’s the kicker: seamlessly interweave them together. Which means…

  • Focus on the VALUE you provide.

If anywhere, your About Me page is the window into your soul as a person. It’s your one shining moment to really let readers into who YOU are, regardless of whether or not they ever get a taste of personal flair anywhere else on the blog. Let people connect with you while simultaneously focusing on the VALUE you provide. It’s a delicate balance, I know. Your “About Me” cannot be just how much you love Parks and Rec and Taco Tuesday with no indication of why you’re the badass in charge, nor can it just read like a resume. Regardless of how you weave the two together, I recommend really focusing on the value you provide as a sort of “why you should stick around” manifesto. Tell them what you’re bringing to the table, but WHY THEY SHOULD CARE ABOUT IT.

Too often, I see About Me pages that just lay it all out there, like “I blog all about my life as a mommy,” or “I’m a girl who loves pink and blogging about college.” With each, I’m left feeling a bit like “And…why should I care???” Harsh, I know. But trust me – your readers are thinking the same thing. The internet is so jampacked with blogs and content – ain’t nobody got time to weed through the forest to see a few trees. Make it clear, and make it valuable.

Instead of “I blog all about my life as a mommy,” explain how you bring value to readers. Do you show them how to balance work and motherhood? Do you chronicle funny happenings with your four kids under five? Do you share 10-minute or less recipes for easy weekday mealtime? Get specific. You’ll attract more people and keep more people.

  • “About Me” versus “Start Here!”

You might’ve noticed by now…I don’t have an About Me page. Instead, I’ve got a “Start Here!” Why? Because my “About Me” isn’t just about me. Besides that, I’ve got a path in mind that I would lovelovelove CUR newbies to take as soon as they hop on the site.  An “About Me” is great, but it doesn’t necessarily scream CLICK ME! to new eyes. A “Start Here!” adds instruction, and it really lets you set the tone right off the bat with the who, what, why of your website. A huge chunk of my “About Me” is also about the blog itself, so bullet point numero uno is ringing true and I’m keeping the two separated.

  • Include a CTA!

And what the heck is a CTA? A call to action. Don’t just let your About Me page end without inviting your readers to take some sort of action to get more involved in your brand. You will never see growth if you just put a whole bunch of schtuff out there without REASON to grow. You’ve gotta lay out the invite! Would you show up to a part you weren’t invited to? Would you even know the party was happening? Exactamundo. Make it obvious where to go next, and cordially invite them to come along for the ride. At the end of my own, I include a few social media links with instructions what to do (“drop a comment,” “shoot a tweet,” etc). Why? Because chances are, only new people are seeing my “Start Here!” page. If they’re new to these rosy parts, they might not be following any CUR social media, and they might not have an Inspired Inbox yet. I put the hook up right then and there so they can get in on any action that floats their boat right from the start, and I invite them to start a direct conversation with me. Be sure to check out more Blogging & Branding tips before you go!

What’s on your own About Me page?

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