“I am all kinds of awesome.”

Monday Mantra once again on CUR, and I’ve got a hard-hitting, totally serious question for you.

Why do we have such a hard time just admitting to the fact that we’re awesome?

I don’t mean just looking in the mirror and saying “You’re awesome! Go kill it today!” or hanging out with friends and getting validation from them on your awesomeness, nor do I mean the superficial “awesome talk” on social media or your almost-self-deprecating “I’m so awesome” rants on Snapchat or the like.

I mean really, truly, completely accepting the fact that you are a.) actually awesome, and b.) all KINDS of awesome.

Now, this is *not* some empty cheerleader pep talk. This is definitely a cheerleader pep talk (since I like to think of us as virtual besties, you and me) – but it’s FULL of truth. Listen up.

We narrow ourselves into a little box of “I am awesome at dancing” or “I am awesome at making margaritas” or “I am awesome at ______,” and it becomes a case of self-fulfilling prophecy. We start to believe that we are only awesome at xyz, and that outsize of that zone of genius – that zone of comfort and self-proclaimed fabulousness – we aren’t awesome anymore. We’re just mediocre, or a work in progress, or TBD at a later, more experienced date.

We create the box for ourselves, and then we fold up the sides and tape it shut, all on our own. We allow ourselves to become only one kind of awesome, because we don’t necessarily think we’re qualified or equipped or worthy to be all kinds of awesome.


"I am all kinds of awesome." - Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses

Do you know your own potential?

…but…do you know your own potential? When was the last time you pushed your awesome to the very limits, exacerbating your resources and energy and mind and will power to the point of being literally unable to move forward any further?

My friend, you do not even KNOW the extent of your awesome, because you have not tested your limits enough to know just how far you can take yourself.

I know I’m guilty of this – assuming you’re at your end because you’re in need of a coffee or a nap and, like, seventeen spa days + mimosas. You feel physically tired, so you assume your awesome ends there – that’s your pique, that’s your limit, that’s it. It’s mediocre valley from here on out.

But that’s not right.

Your awesome can (and will!) manifest itself allllllll over your life if you open yourself up to it and let yourself truly live in this zone of possibility. I hate to break it to ya, but your biggest limit in life right now might be yourself. The good news? You’re in control of that, and you can start making positive changes by simply altering the dialogue in your own damn head. Stop putting the brakes on your own awesome with self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-destructive thoughts of how you’re only good at this or that and not fit for more.

That’s a lie.

You are fit for whatever you set your mind to. Like we talked about in our girl talk last night (click here to join us next week and  every Sunday night!), when you’ve got this dedicated purpose you’re working towards, nothing – not others, and not your own self – can step in the way.

You are all kinds of awesome, and it’s about time you start living like it.

Here’s your repeatable (and tweetable!) Mantra to repeat as many times as necessary for you to actually believe it.

I am all kinds of awesome.

I am not just one kind of awesome – I am all kinds of awesome.

I am awesome at whatever I set my mind to be awesome at, because I believe in myself that much.

“Only” is not a word I use to describe myself – ever.

I am not “only” awesome at one thing – I am all kinds of awesome.

Feeling better already? Sure hope so! This Monday Mantra is all about you (+ your awesome).

And if you need EVEN MORE inspiration, in case you’re having a hard time thinking of things you might be awesome at, maybe you’re an awesome…

writer, sister, friend, student, leader, organizer, coffee drinker (*raises hand*), mom, basketball player, dreamer, runner, Snapchatter, laugher, partier, money maker, doctor-in-the-making, pianist, online shopper, worker, goal-setter, celebrator, stylist, lover of life, singer, mixed drink maker, Instagrammer, mathematician (bless you), daughter, encourager, cake eater, girlfriend, lipstick wearer (guilty), optimist, yogi, traveler, child of God, cousin, cellist, songwriter, brunch eater, analyst, aspiring vet, Mean Girls quoter, cook, positive thinker, maker, world changer.

The list goes on (and on and on).

How are you all kinds of awesome?

I challenge you to leave at LEAST five things in a comment below that make you all kinds of awesome. But don’t let me (or anyone) limit you. Leave as many as you can. This is your week to unleash your awesome. Ready…go.

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