Income Report + Traffic Report from September

The time has come. Time to pour another mimosa, because between deciding on a florist and having my first gown try-on with my girls, this past weekend has been a celebratory one for the books. Besides that, some crazy awesome/terrifying/exhilarating decisions have been made lately at Coming Up Roses headquarters, and I can’t wait to spill all the beans for you. Hint: it involves you, and it involves the rest of my life.

But before all of that, I figured I’d share something first that I’m pretty proud of and still kinda in shock over:

I tripled my blog traffic last month.

Besides September seeing traffic x3, I made nearly $2,000. I always knew this felt more like a full-time gig, so finally starting to consistently make that kinda money each month is feeling pretty darn good. But what good would it be if it doesn’t help YOU, yannno?
This is an “Income Report + Traffic Report” from September. That means I’m opening the curtain and telling you a bit about where my income came from and how I tripled my traffic. But, it’s not at ALL for bragging rights or to show off in some weird way; honestly, this wasn’t published first thing after September concluded because it’s taken me over 12 days to get comfortable with the idea of putting my income report smack dab on the internet.

But for anyone out there who’s a blogger, aspiring entrepreneur or business owner looking to build an amazing brand, an income report is like the new Glassdoor.

Popular Philadelphia lifestyle blogger, Coming Up Roses is peeling back the curtain and sharing with you how she tripled her blog traffic and made almost $2000 in income in one month. Why? To help you do the same!



Clever Girls: $400

Her Campus: $450

Blog Meets Brand: $75

Mode Media: $325

Izea: $176.70

Acorn Influence: $125

Various sponsored: $300

Ad Revenue: $85.79

TOTAL before expenses: $1862.49



Pinfinite Growth program: $197

Giveaway participations: $67

FINAL TOTAL: $1648.49

Although I tripled my blog traffic this past month, I was still making money before that – I was still making hundreds of dollars at 10,000 pageviews/month. Why do I tell you this? I tell you this because I’ve seen people get catty on the internet and tell other people that they shouldn’t even think about making money unless they’re at 100,000 pageviews/month.

Someone literally said this.

This is wrong.

Sometimes, what matters MOST is the quality of the content you’re putting out there – even more than pageviews! From my own marketing background, the most important thing that should be looked at by networks and PR reps isn’t necessarily how many clicks come through to your website monthly, but what your *engagement* rates are like. Because truth be told, there might have hundreds of thousands of people coming to a website to see pretty pictures or click through from an enticing clickbait headline (like, “How to conquer stress, have flat abs, find your lifelong love, and be a boss”). But, do their readers trust them? Would a reader click to purchase something if this person said it was really worth having? Personally, I’d rather invest my money in someone with 50 comments and 10,000 over someone with 50 comments and 100,000 pageviews any day. It shows a deeper connection with readers that equates to value, and it should be recognized! *Steps off soap box*.

My biggest takeaways in making money this month:

  1. Diversify your income.
  2. Be picky! The second you start taking every single sponsored opportunity that comes your way, you sell out. Take pride in your work, and only talk about products, services, or brands that you really truly believe in and love. That’s something I’ll never stop doing; any sponsored post I have on Coming Up Roses is for something that I actually use and actually love. Otherwise, I would never hit publish!
  3. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, too. This month I bought a course to go through at my own pace, and I bought another in August, too. I’m all about soaking up knowledge like it’s my job, so I’m becoming increasingly comfy with picking and choosing which webinars, ebooks, courses and mentorships are probably worth the time and money (and also which one’s probably aren’t!).

My biggest takeaways in tripling pageviews this month:

  1. Go with your analytics. Dive deep into them (this should help!) and figure out what’s making people stay, where people are leaving, and try to really get inside your readers heads! Based on your analytics reports, what’s the path of your reader like as they click through your site? If you suspect a hole somewhere where people might be leaving before you want them to be peacin’ out, figure out how you can plug the hole!
  2. Go with what works for you. Depending on your own brand and content, some social media outlets work better than others. I discovered that my sweet spot is Pinterest, so I focus a lot of energy now on optimizing all of my content so that you’re more inclined to pin a pretty picture to your own Pinterest boards for later.
  3. Spend your time wisely. I found myself spending waaaaaay too much time promoting blog posts on Facebook, in groups that aren’t even really full of my target reader – just random people. It might feel like you’re “marketing,” but when you’re not seeing your pageviews count go up with increased promotions, something is missing the mark. Pinpoint and target all the way! Get the right people seeing the right content and you’ve got yourself something good.
  4. It just takes hard work. I’ve been working my tail off like no other, half of the time thinking I’m just going bonkers chasing some crazy dream. But you know what? Dreamers make it happen, and that’s the goal. So while down times are sure to be ahead too, hopefully the general trend is on the up and up!

SO. If you’re someone who wants to make money on the internet, too, I want to help you. I can work with you one-on-one, within a group, or over the course of six months depending on your own needs and dedication to making. it. happen. for yourself.

Get on this list to be first in line and the first to know when spots in my THREE various coaching programs open up! I haven’t hard-launched yet, so just add your name and email to the list to make sure you can get access to everything you could possibly want from what’s being offered. I’ll tell you this: they’re built using real strategy for how to build real brands the RIGHT way. They’re for real people with real(ly big) dreams, real drive, and a real budget. And they’re going to be SO MUCH FUN for all. Sign up now fo’ free!

Have you ever thought about how you can make more money in your business? Would you want to make money online?

I’m so curious as to how you all do it, or how you WANT to do it. Let me know in a comment down below! Let’s chat biz and get inspired.

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