I like putting chocolate on my face, and you should too.

*This post is sponsored by Orange Harp. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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With the season 2 release of Orange is the New Black (#OITNB), it seems pretty obvious…orange is “in.” And so is “green.”

Back in the day, I was a business development and marketing intern for a socially do-good , Boston based start-up company. They were super cool and super green – so green that my entire work period was virtual. There I learned the power of product. Knowing the whole who, what, when, where, and why of a product is quintessential to becoming a global shopper. (And you thought “global shopping” just meant French bags and Italian shoes.)

As soon as Orange Harp contacted me, my massive bout of déjà vu was a clear green light to continue exploring the socially conscious world.

Orange Harp. Is it a musical instrument? A gourmet dessert? A Crayola crayon?

Nope. It’s even cooler.

Meet the next generation of social good, where passionate creations meet purposeful curating in a totally green world of 21st century technology.

Orange Harp serves as an info center and marketplace for socially conscious products. They’re a free iOS app set on curating the world’s most “good” products. Brace yourself for the movement, and get ready to hit “download.”

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The best part? Orange Harp doesn’t just sell you stuff. They give you the tools you need to live a healthily, more sustainable, and generally more beneficial life.


Here’s what you get:

~ Relevant social good news to keep you up to snuff on all that is green and good – “20 Gifts Every Dad Will Love” is out just in time for Father’s Day.

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~ A clear, minimalist product interface, meaning my urge to binge shop is subdued just enough to keep me focused on the goal (goal = new bags, obviously).

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~ Inspirational people sharing their favorite tips on everything from achieving natural beauty to becoming a green entrepreneur.

~ Conversations with tastemakers. What’s a tastemaker, you ask? Only the finest of the fine in sustainability and environmental know-how. Learn and shop simultaneously: smart shopping.

~ It’s almost summer, so why not Sale Away (get it?) with last season’s soy candles and hand creams? BUT WAIT. They’re not last season…they’re just on sale, and you’re just lucky. Highlighted items go on sale, so even the savviest of shoppers can feel satisfied.

~ Hot conscious buys on the reg. If you’re like me, that means you can satisfy your weekly shopping cravings with quick smartphone taps. Meanwhile you’re halfway to practically saving the world. Talk about shopping with a conscious.

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~ Want to green on a budget? Naturally (also a pun), Orange Harp has got you covered. “Best Buys Under $30” means you can feel good and guilt-free over everything from long lasting lip crayons to New Guinean chocolate (um, yes) and moisture-wicking tech socks. They even have a compostable toothbrush.

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Orange Harp was made for organizeaholics like me. Why? Because besides having a home base with hot highlights for the week ahead, they’ve got separate icons for brands, products, favorited items, and your shopping cart. This means hassle-free transitioning from browsing their partnering brands (since you’ve gotta know the story behind your organic soaps!) to searching for specific products. I love this. Because for as much as I’m embracing the best in tech, I’m an old, traditional-pen-and-paper soul at heart, so easy technology is a must.

Once you’ve fallen in love with something, tap the heart icon to automatically save the product in your “favorites” icon for quick and easy navigation later on. If you’re like me, the Ecco Bella Natural Dark Chocolate Face Mask will be top o’ the list.

If you’re also like me, you’ll make the switch from “favorites” to “cart.” Because who couldn’t use a dark chocolate face mask? Actually though, I gasped upon finding this gem. It’s dark chocolate. On my face. 

Stay tuned for Instagram wonders with this one, folks.

I’ve always been a leery mobile shopper (as in, I don’t shop mobile). I’m proud to say that through Orange Harp, I’m making my mobile purchase numero uno.


OH 2


While I can’t wait to receive my dark chocolate goop in the mail, you shouldn’t wait to download Orange Harp yourself on your iOS device. And while you’re getting acquainted with Orange Harp, get more personal via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Orange Harp, though, is their drive to give back. With every purchase you make, you know exactly where your dollars benefit. Are you employing the homeless? Recycling precious metals? Protecting our oceans and marine life? They’ll tell you as you click, making your buys that much more meaningful. I l-o-v-e that.

Did I mention the app is free?

Orange Harp founders Kacie and Anbu are also two of the sweetest and most determined women. If you make the leap and download Orange Harp, many thanks from them to you!

And from me to you, enjoy the chance of winning free coffee.

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Thanks to the hilarious Brianna from Endlessly Beloved for collabing on this, and stay tuned for more amazing giveaways coming up here on ze blog. There’ll be beauty goodness from my MaryKay consultant friend, Ashley, and another doozy brought to you by Coming Up Roses sponsors.

Happy almost Hump Day! Come back tomorrow for some serious talk. It’ll be good and fun, so BYOF and BYOB (that’s bring-your-own-friends, and you know the rest). And download Orange Harp. That is all.





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