COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, December 2020

The last round of Cool Sh*t until the new year…how wild is that?! This month actually had a TON of favorites, so much so that I had to reaaaaally narrow it down strictly + intentionally on what was MOST worth sharing for December. Besides the fact that December in and of itself IS a favorite, with so much Christmas cheer everywhere – it could stay forever and I’d be a happy camper. This month’s favorites are some of my favorites of ALL TIME, I think – so I hope you find some new favorites today to lovelovelove, too. 🙂 Lots of fun goodies to share today, from my fave razor to Liv’s fave Lovevery building blocks set, to a healthier snack you’ll want to make TODAY to cozy wardrobe staples on super sale. Lessssssgo!


Olive Row Thrive sign 

I first found Olive Row through my girl Taylor, who also has a few of her pieces all over her home – it’s a St. Louis-based small shop with BEAUTIFUL, fun designs for signs all over the house. I had the pleasure of working with Whitney on this gem for my office, which I could not lovelovelove more – and how freaking on brand amiright?!?! Our girl Maya Angelou was a true Queen, and this quote is a true gem. Also having Whitney do a sign for above our bed in our master bedroom next! 


Pink Lily leopard pullover 

I’ve been wearing this cozy leopard quarter-zip on repeat! I had had my eye on it for awhile but finally pulled the trigger when it went on sale around Black Friday; I wasn’t totally sure how I’d feel about it because I wasn’t totally sure what the inside of it was like. If it were fur like the outside, I think I would’ve been too hot too quickly and not a huge fan. But it’s actually lined inside so you don’t sweat your face off – bless up. It’s slightly oversized, so pairs great with leggings. Such a cuddly, cozy find – and you can still score 15% off with code ERICA15.



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Billie razor 

Like I said before, I had NO CLUE how much I would truly dig this dang razor. I mean, it’s a razor! What could possibly be so life changing about it?! Apparently a lot.

Full thoughts in this blog post on the Billie razor as I take ya behind-the-scenes of my shower door, so I’ll spare ya the scoop here again. But in short…it really is worth the hype. The cheapest, most convenient razor that does the best job. I most recently compared it to the Flamingo sold at Target per follower request on Instagram, and I HANDS DOWN like the Billie more. The Flamingo actually left me razor-burned, has a weird plastic-y thing above the blades, and was $0.99 more expensive than the Billie without the option to subscribe for regular doorstep delivery when you need new razor cartridges. So. Billie for the win. 😉

AND my husband agrees – because turns out, he stole my Billie to try in the shower and randomly told me this one morning, “Hey what’s that razor you have? It’s so good, it didn’t even feel like I was shaving and then I realized my hair was gone.” HA. 

$9 for the starter kit, and then you control your delivery frequencies for new heads. Can’t be beat.



Cross necklace from J 

This was my big “splurge” Christmas gift from J this year – I had had my eye on it for months and just reaaaaally wanted a dainty gold/diamond cross necklace to add to my lineup of weekly rotations and layers. It’s simply stunning. I plan to layer  it with my Sis Kiss name necklace, + my ABLE dainty gold ones below! 😉


Apple cookie snack recipe

This healthier snack has been on repeat in our house all month long! I got the recipe from my friends at ShopRite on my last little adventure with them, and I thought it was just brilliant (not to mention delish!). I used a bag of Granny Smith apples from their Wholesome Pantry line, unsweetened coconut flakes + chocolate baking chips from their Bowl & Basket line, as well as their dark chocolate sunflower seed butter (YUM).

Simply slice your apple into thin “cookies,” swipe on some sunflower seed butter, and sprinkle coconut + chocolate chips to taste.

Quick, easy, healthier than, say, a fifth batch of Christmas cookies 😉 – and SO YUMMY!!! (Liv also loveloveloves ’em!)


Abercrombie puffer coat 

I bought this coat on Cyber Monday because I’ve had serious luck with Abercrombie coats in the past. Especially with how cold it gets in Pennsylvania winters, I prefer having a longer puffer or parka like this that won’t let chill escape into my under layers. This one is Abercrombie’s highest level of warmth according to the tag, is fleece-lined inside AND in the pockets, and cinches inside so that you can bundle up with NO cold getting in. It’s fabulous.

I’m also OBSESSED with the chic color. It’s like this beautiful champagne-y beige that’s just beautiful in person – and it’s on INSANE SALE RIGHT NOW!!!!! Originally $220, was around $150 when I got it on Cyber Monday, and now it’s currently down to $88 with multiple colors left in stock besides this one, including burgundy, black, and then a shinier vegan leather tan and black, too.

If you need a legit COAT this winter season, pick up this one. Worth every penny.



Acrylic song sign 

Happy to announce that my most-sold item of the year HAS to be this thing. It has to be. When I first shared it on Instagram, everyone went WILD and totally overwhelmed the shop owner – ha! But I don’t blame ya one bit for acting fast. 😉 It makes the perfect gift idea, and it’s only $20 from a small shop which feels like a steal. Ours is from our first dance at our wedding, and I plan on framing the sign as a finishing touch (it’s a sturdy but flexible acrylic and definitely thin enough to frame, FYI!). But it would also make such a sweet gift idea to commemorate your father/daughter or mother/son dance, a favorite song from a vacation with your best friend – heck, you can collect ’em with favorite memories tied to music in general! Definitely a sweet momento, and even better in my book that it supports a small shop in the process.


Abercrombie leopard bodysuit 

Literally wearing this as I type! And for the third time in two weeks. HA. Bought this when I bought the coat and MAN – it’s so good. Originally $45, on super sale also down to $18 today!! Lovelovelove that it’s a cozier knit while still being more lightweight – especially good if bulkier, chunkier sweaters leave you too-hot during winter days spent indoors. It’s a bodysuit, obviously, but it won’t ride up your bum. Can dress up or down – I always think bodysuits are a bit sexier since they’re more form-fitting, so they’re cool for going from day to night if you wear casually in daytime and then swap your bottoms + shoes for a night out! I stayed TTS and am wearing a Small. 

Abercrombie leopard print bodysuit (ON SALE!) - on Coming Up Roses Abercrombie leopard print bodysuit (ON SALE!) - on Coming Up Roses

Also as seen worn here:


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ABLE dainty gold necklaces 

ABLE it a newer-to-me company that I just fell in lovelovelove with at first sight. Their work is incredible, as they employ missional hires to help uplift women out of poverty and empower them through employment and education. What good work! Their daintier jewelry lines are some of my fave.

This first necklace with initials can have up to six initials on it – and they’re all separate from one another and move independently on the chain. The second is a custom phrase necklace; I got “time to thrive” on mine as homage to the podcast. 😉 

They so kindly passed along code ERICAHOLIDAY25 to use through the rest of this year for 25% off your order, which is HUGE!!! I hope you’re ABLE (get it? 😉 ) to pull one last treat yo’self for a good cause with a great company.

Lovevery building blocks set 

The Lovevery boxes are so beyond impressive to me as a mom. I’m constantly on the lookout for another fun, stimulating, preferably screen-free activity with Olivia. This Lovevery building blocks set is HANDS DOWN the best I’ve come across. Hands down!

It’s so well made. It’s so beautifully colored. It’s so thoughtfully curated.

There is such a great, jam-packed assortment of types of blocks inside, and the accompanying sheet has literally TWENTY different activities and ways to play with this one Lovevery building blocks set, which literally blew my mind. Here I was thinking you just build them up and that’s it – ha! Jokes on me, folks. Joke is on me.

If you need a new, classic toy for your tot or for a gift that will last them years of play while being developmentally fabulous, absolutely check this one out. We’re doing Lovevery ‘s developmental subscription box now for Liv’s current age because we’re just SO DANG IMPRESSED with this! Yes, it’s pricier…but it’s absolutely worth it. Trust me, mamas – pick up a Lovevery building blocks set STAT!



The apple cookies snack? A Lovevery box? Didja grab an acrylic song sign when I first shared ’em? And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know!

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